Decorate with nature for fall

Hi my friends, we've had the most spectacular weather here on Long Island. The perfect inspiration for fall decorating.  I love the sunny days with temperatures in the 70's.  When I decorate for fall I like to decorate with nature and objects that I find interesting or have meaning to me.  For my entry and living room I kept it simple using hydrangea's & mums.


When you first enter my home you step into this tiny vestibule. The mirror and cabinet are made of barn wood and is one of my favorite pieces.  I purchased it years ago at a flower shop where I worked.   All of the hydrangea's came from my one and only plant.

I made the burlap skirt for the mum.  
 see how I made it.

To the left of the vestibule is the deacon bench I purchased at a garage sale.  You can read about it Here and Here .  As you can see I haven't gotten around to painting it yet.  I purchased the pretty blanket at a thrift store.

Here I just folded it over a cube.  

Here is a glimpse of our large brown sectional.  I have a  love-hate relationship with it.  I love it because it is highly functional for our family.  The three of us can spread out and sit or lay comfortably to watch t.v. 
Our dog Molly loves to lay with us and of course Helios our cat has to join us too.  It can seat many people which is great for when I  host  the holiday's at our house. I do not like the dark color or the saggy material.  I use soft color pillows to brighten it.  Maybe some day I'll show you the whole thing.  

                                                           I used the binocular case as a vase.  
                                                    The binoculars were my husband's grandfather's.

Do you recognize the frame?  I replaced the summer pictures with fall pictures.

Take a look outside.  See all the beauty you can find to decorate for fall.


  1. The green cabinet and mirror are beautiful, love that color. And those binoculars! And of course, the hydrangeas are magnificent in all their colors. Sectional sofas are great for letting everyone be together, and that's what is important!

  2. Oh, you've given me some ideas! I have a crochet piece much like yours. And I have a footstool in my bedroom. I'm going to see how it looks draped over it. Of course I love your pretty hydrangeas and vintage things mixed together! Everything looks perfect for Fall!


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