Road side find

I found this piece of furniture on garbage day while driving my daughter to school.  It looks really old maybe an antique, not sure but definitely really beat up.

Boy this thing was heavy I actually scraped some paint off the back of my car trying to get this thing in my trunk.  So upset about that.


Don't you just love how they replaced the drawer handles????

It needs a lot of LOVE

Funny now that I'm looking at these pictures, reality is sinking in on how much time and work this piece really needs.   But the good thing is.... it has really good bones & is  solid .
Have you ever taken something home not realizing how much TLC it needs?

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  1. Hi, Julie. Just found your cute blog! Have I ever taken something home not realizing how much TLC it needed? -Ha! Have I ever! Your little chest is a diamond in the ROUGH, but I sure do love its potential! I'm sure you'll give it all the love it needs to get it back in circulation where it belongs.


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