Hey Everyone How Are You?

Here's a little peek to what I've been up to this week. 

 I've added summer touches to our seaside cape with easy crafts and furniture changes.  I set up a comfy corner in our dining area using the chaise from our living room sectional.

 I thought moving the chaise from the living room to the dining area would be difficult.  We have a doorway that separates the two rooms.  I thought the best way to move this piece would be to turn it sideways & slide it across the floor and through the doorway. Hey you know..... It worked!
I placed it in a corner next to our sliding glass door, fireplace & dining table.  It also sits next to the doorway to my workroom.  It's a bit of a squeeze to get in and out but I don't mind.

There is a ceiling fan above and with the door opened and the fan going it makes a great spot to cool off and keep an eye on dinner.  I haven't burned anything yet.

I also like to sit here with a glass of ice cold lemonade and catch up on some of my favorite magazines. Or you can find me here with my lap top reading my favorite blogs!

Or Cat Naps
I placed a bench on the side of the chaise to cover up the metal part that connects the sectional.
The bench is also the perfect height to use as a side table.

 I love having a comfy corner in the heart of our home.

Hi Friends Happy Summer!

I am so happy summer has arrived!  We live in a coastal community and I love using natural elements to decorate for summer.  I use fresh flowers, seashells, driftwood, beach glass, and yard sale finds to decorate our home.

I purchased this ships wheel mirror at a yard sale and added seashells from my collection to decorate it.

I hung it in the sitting area of our kitchen/dining room. 

I came up with the idea to use the twine and the seashells because I used an existing nail that was in the wall.  I didn't really feel like adding another hole in the wall so I just used the same nail to hang the mirror.  I hot glued the knob to the existing nail and hung twine from the hook in the back of the mirror.  To cover up the twine and make it look more decorative I glued three sea shells in a row on top of the twine. 

The knob came from an entertainment center that I hacked and used the parts in different ways.
If your interested in reading how I did this you can read about it here & here

This is A Very Easy project to do.

I used a hot glue gun and three sea shells I found on the beach.

I put a dab of glue on the inside of each shell and pressed each one on top of the twine, with the mirror hanging on the wall.

I am so happy I didn't have to put another hole in the wall.

This is an easy fix for just about anything you want to hang.  It will work for picture frames, wreaths, plates, anything that has a hook on the back.

Hi Everyone 

Do you like Rhododendrons?

We have a large shrub that produces beautiful blooms year after year.  I clipped a small bunch about a week ago, placed them in the pretty turquoise pot below (the one with the wavy design.)  and noticed after a week they still looked fresh.  I decided to clip more and group them together.

 I used turquoise containers in various heights and placed them on the sofa table behind the sectional.

A small petunia stem placed in a glass jar with the rhododendron.

I love this close up shot.  
I had fun playing with my camera using different settings. 

A tin can, seashell & a glass Starbucks jar was added to the grouping.

Turquoise and Pink..... all eye candy and one of my favorite color combinations.

A blue and white cup in place of the seashell

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