Add farmhouse art to your wall using your printer and mod podge. I used a feather print that I created, but you can use anyone your heart desires.  

I love lilacs and their sweet scent, they are a natural air freshener.  I placed a bunch on my mantle and bookshelf and snapped a few pictures for you to enjoy.

Have you heard?.....  
I completed my fireplace makeover!  It's all finished and ready for you see! 
                                            Today I'm sharing a close-up of the mantel.  

Welcome, I'm so glad you stopped by!   In my previous post, I shared my fireplace makeover reveal, you can read about that here.  Today I'm sharing three different ways how to style your junk on a bookshelf for a light, airy and uncluttered look. 


                                               Here are the shelves before the makeover 

                                   Look #1    

How to style your junk on a bookshelf to make it look light, airy, and uncluttered 

Here are three different looks to try:

Use a collection of clear glass bottles on the top shelf, this instantly brightens the shelf.  The clear glass allows the eye to see through giving the shelf visual interest without the clutter. need to spend money here three of the glass bottles I used are soda bottles.

Give a shelf balance by stacking books or magazines at both ends.  Use colored glass bottles, (more soda bottles) fresh flowers, and plants for pops of color.  The books, a driftwood sailboat, and a nautical rope add texture and warmth to the white shelves. 

Look #2

Bring life to shelves with plants.  Here I replaced everything on the first shelf with live plants. Line them up leaving gaps between each plant for a light and airy look.

Look #3

Make shelves tidy by using baskets and curtains. They are great for hiding all sorts of things.  The white curtain is hung with a tension rod. Tin cans and buckets add farmhouse style and are perfect for holding flowers and herbs. Add wood like the candlesticks and a picture frame to warm up the white paint.

Which look do you like best?  

Thank you for the visit, I hope you come back again!

I am so excited to share the reveal of the completed fireplace!  

Before the makeover, our fireplace was stuck in the 70's.  We lived with the dull dark stain and paneling for 15 years. It was time to make a change!  The fireplace has good bones so there was no need for a major renovation.  I thought a little TLC with white paint and wood planks would give it farmhouse flair and make it shine.  This post contains affiliate links

I'm so happy to share with you one of my favorite pasta recipes! 

Olive & Tomato fettuccine is a budget-friendly, healthy meal that packs a lot of flavors.  The lemon zest mixed with tomatoes and olives will make your taste buds sing.  All you need for this simple recipe is a pot of boiling water and a few simple ingredients.

Welcome to # 4 in the series of our fireplace makeover. 


This project is nearing completion and I couldn't be more excited!!!

My husband and I worked together on this part of the makeover.  I sanded and painted the boards and he did the cutting and the installation.  

                                           The space above the mantel measures  7'.6" X  2'.5" 


We found these pine boards on the side of the road. Freebies!  Gotta love that!!!
However the boards were not the correct size, they measured (1" X 6" X 8')  darn a few inches too long and a little too wide.  My husband cut each board to size with a table saw and a chop saw.  

The wood had a ton of splinters and needed a good sanding.
After the boards were sanded, I painted the edges of each board.

Now they are ready to be installed!

Starting at the bottom, we placed the first board against the wall and placed a level on top to make sure it was straight. Then using a nail gun my husband nailed it in place. To achieve the look of shiplap we left a slight gap between each plank using nickles. We repeated this process all the way to the top of the wall. 


After the planks were installed we used a piece of molding to fill in the gap at the top. 

I was so excited to finally apply the first coat of paint.  White Dove by Benjamin Moore.
I hope you will come back to see the full reveal!  I can hardly wait for you to see it! If you would like to follow along from the beginning, click on the links below:                                           
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                                                      3. PICKING THE PAINT COLOR
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