Hi friends, I hope you are enjoying your summer!  I am back with another fun repurpose project using a wicker mirror.  Last week when it was hot and humid outside I decided to stay inside and clean out a closet that I use to store my home decor.  While digging through the closet I found a wicker mirror that was screaming for a repurpose!


I love the wicker and the oval shape but I didn't need another mirror hanging on my wall. So my solution was to repurpose it into a picture frame for a nautical map.


I had no idea how this mirror was held together, so I flipped it over and pulled out the cardboard back.  I noticed that the mirror was held in place with staples and wicker strips.  This means this was going to be a simple project and you know how much I love simple!

I used a flat head screwdriver to remove the wicker strips and a wire cutter to pull out the staples.


I used one of the chart maps from my nautical chart book to put inside the frame.

I used the cardboard backing as a template to cut the oval shape for the map.

After cutting the oval shape map I glued it to the cardboard backing and painted a thin coat of mod podge right on top of the map to seal and protect it.  While that was drying I painted the wicker frame using a mint color fabric paint. You can use spray paint but I wanted to try out my new fabric paint!  I used the Tulip brand Slick finish.

This was the first time I used fabric paint on wicker and I have to say I like the results.  I waited about a half-hour for the paint to dry before popping the map into the back of the frame.  The mint color paint brings out the green on the map.  I have the frame hanging in my den along with a chart map sailboat that I made last year and these gorgeous purple hydrangeas.

The blue race boat was another one of my repurpose projects. It came from an old trophy. 
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Simple, refreshing, and easy to make this watermelon-strawberry drink is perfect for a hot day. Watermelon makes a great base because there is so much liquid. Blended together with sweet strawberries, lime, and mint it is summer in your mouth!  I'll whip up two of these for me and my husband after he comes home from working in the hot summer sun. 


Watermelon Strawberry Summer Drink

5 ice cream scoops of icy cold watermelon 
6 whole strawberries
3 mint leaves
juice of one lime

I used my NutriBullet which makes this drink extra nutritious because it extracts the nutrients. With extraction, you get the health benefits of eating whole fruits and vegetables. In other words, you are drinking the pulp, the seeds, and skins. This drink can also be made in a blender.

Place all the ingredients inside the tall cup of the NutriBullet, and add water up to the max line.  Extract for no longer than one minute.  If you are using a blender hull the strawberries and use ice cubes.

Pour into a glass garnish with fresh mint leaves and serve. 

   This also makes a refreshing cocktail!   
 I like it with vodka!

To add more mint flavor rip a mint leaf in half and rub it around the rim of the glass. 

Last weekend my husband and I took a boat ride to the beach with our dog B.  We enjoyed the sunshine, the ocean waves, and walking along the shoreline. While walking we found several pieces of driftwood that I thought would be great to use for summer decor in our home.  I love to style my bookshelves with driftwood and this year I thought it would be fun to use the driftwood to make a canvas sailboat that I could display on my fireplace mantel.


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I've made a couple of driftwood sailboats before but never one this big. 

Here is how I made a canvas driftwood sailboat 

The first thing I did was pick two pieces of driftwood out of the basket to use for the hull and the mast for my boat. 

Then I gathered my supplies and got started.

I used a white pencil to mark where I was going to place the mast.

Then I used my hammer and screwdriver to make a hole for the mast.


 I added a few eye hooks to the mast then glued the mast inside the hole I created.

Now it's time to make the sails 

I used a piece of scrap canvas that I found in my scrap fabric box. I also purchased canvas fabric from Amazon to use for future projects.  You can click HERE to check out their selection of canvas fabric.

Using my ruler and pencil I drew a line from corner to corner. Then I used my scissors to cut along the line so I have two triangles. One of the triangles had a jagged edge that I trimmed off.

I thought a number on one of the sails would give the sailboat character.  I used the Antique Typography Numbers Stencil from Knick of Time's Vintage Sign Stencils and craft paint to stencil the number 3 on the canvas sail. 

I used cotton thread to tie the sails to the mast

For the flag, I cut and glued a piece of scrap fabric to the top of the mast. 
And that's all there is to it!


I love the large scale of this driftwood sailboat and how it completes the look of my summer mantel. The small driftwood sailboat on the shelf is made from the same fabric as the flag.  I even reupholstered my bench using this fabric.  


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I created this nautical sea sign using a piece of driftwood that I found on the beach.  If you don't live near the beach, a piece of scrap wood will work just fine!

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This is the piece before the makeover
I love the ridges in the wood and the rust from the nails.




Craft Paint: Cobalt Blue & Wicker White

  Paint Brush


First - sand the wood
Next, paint the wood with the cobalt blue craft paint.


Then let the paint dry.
Sand again so the grain of the wood, rust, and ridges show through.


Tape the stencils to the driftwood and use the wicker white craft paint.

After the paint is dry sand the letters.
Now the blue paint and the grain of the wood show through the letters.


Here it is all finished

No Sweat Driftwood SEA sign!


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