Rustic Chocolate & Orange Cake

February 26, 2018, in
A chocolate cake made from scratch might seem intimidating, but it is quite simple to master.  This is an incredibly decadent cake with an intense chocolate flavor.  It is easy to make using one bowl and will quickly become your go-to chocolate cake recipe.  The name rustic came from the crusty biscuit like top on this chocolate & orange cake.

Do you have a closet or a small wall in your home that needs a little pick me up?  Decorating your walls with fabric instead of wallpaper is an inexpensive & damage-free way to go.  Using just a yard of fabric I covered the closet wall behind my desk and gave it a fresh new look.  

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How to decorate walls with fabric  

This small closet sits behind my desk in my workroom.  To see the before and after pictures of the workroom, click HERE.  

BEFORE the wall was plain and boring. 
 Here is how to add style and sophistication to your walls using fabric.


Placing the fabric on the wall was a simple process. For this easy DIY, you will need a pair of scissors, straight pins, and a ruler.  

1.  Measure and cut the fabric to fit the size of your wall 

2.  Adhere the fabric to the wall with straight pins. 

3.  Align the fabric on the wall just under the ceiling line. Using a hammer gently tap the first pin into the corner of the fabric and wall. Hold the fabric taut and tap the next pin in.  Use the line of the ceiling as a guide, this will keep the fabric straight.  Repeat this process until it is secure. Smooth out any bumps with your hand.

4.  Step back and admire your new wall!  

I often use straight pins instead of nails because they are small and do not leave noticeable holes in the wall.  


If you want a designer look without paying the high price of designer wallpaper, shop for discount fabric.  Amazon has a wonderful selection of fabric to choose from.  This black and white stripe fabric only cost me $4.00.

If you get tired of your fabric simply swap it out for a new look!


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Snacking can be an excellent way to keep you satisfied between meals as long as you snack smart. Crispy black-eyed peas with sea salt is a healthy snack alternative with a boost of fiber and a great source of vitamins and minerals.  A half-cup of black-eyed peas contains 70 calories.  This recipe made with simple ingredients is flavorful, crispy, and nutritious.  I made this irresistible snack in about 30 minutes with sea salt, Old Bay, and olive oil.  Make this recipe in advance for a healthy grab-and-go snack, pop them in your mouth by the handful or sprinkle them on top of a salad.

Hi friends, how do you use your coffee table?  Do you use it as a footrest, a place to set your drinks and snacks, or somewhere to stash the remote?  The coffee table is the workhorse of your living room and if you are not careful (like me) it can become a cluttered mess. It can also become boring to look at if you are scared to get creative or simply don't know where to begin. Today I will break down the art of arranging a coffee table in four easy steps.  These steps are all you need to style your coffee table to make it a beautiful focal point in your living room. 

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