One of the updates I made to our living room last year was the purchase of a new sofa!  Exciting right?  The large sectional that we had for 10 years was worn out and just wasn't working for our newly empty nest. This was my first time buying a sofa online so I was a bit apprehensive about the whole process.  Now you would think buying a sofa online would be easy to do; just order your favorite one, get it delivered and you're done... easy peasy right?  Well not so... especially when you buy online!.  I mean you can't sit on it, touch it or visualize how it would look in your space.  Today I want to delve into the specifics of what you need to know when buying a sofa online.


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What you need to know when buying a sofa online

First, take the time to get a clear idea of how you want your room to look and function.  My goal was to lighten and brighten my living room with white paint and a new sofa.  The room had to function as a family room as well as a living room for entertaining.  After you establish the look and function of your room consider everything you want in a sofa by answering the following questions. Your answers to the questions should help you decide on what sofa to buy.

1.  What is your budget?

2.  Will it fit through doors and stairways for delivery?

3.  What size sofa do you want and how will it be used?

4.  What kind of fabric?

5.  What color do you want?

6.  What sofa style do you like?

7.  Did you measure the space where the sofa will be placed and will the dimensions of the sofa fit in the space?


Make sure your sofa will fit through your front door!  You'd be amazed how often people don't think this through and end up being disappointed on delivery day!  Check access carefully by measuring door frames and stairways.  When in doubt contact customer service they should be able to help answer your questions.  They helped me by advising me what sofas come with removable feet.

A good way to find out if your sofa will fit in the designated space in your room is to use masking tape.  Tape out the dimensions of the sofa on the floor where you want the sofa to go. This will help you visualize the sofa in your space.

Order fabric samples

Choosing the right fabric is essential!  It is important to see and feel the fabric in person because fabric online looks very different!  Order as many samples as you can and view them in your room in natural and artificial light. Most sofa companies will send you free samples. Make sure to take your time choosing the right fabric for your needs.  Some sofa companies have a fabric specialist that you can speak to about your fabric choices.


Never buy online without knowing how the sofa is constructed.  Read the specifications about the materials used to make the frame and cushions.  Kiln-dried hardwood is the most reliable choice for durable sofa frames and feet.

Read the reviews from other buyers

 This is where other customers get real about their experience with the product.  Read as many reviews as you can!  You'll start to notice a theme regarding certain details about the sofa that will help you weigh in your decision.  This was very helpful for me!

Read the return policy 

Protect your investment by checking the return policy ahead of time!  Here are a few things to look for:  Do they accept returns at all?  Is there a time limit for returns?  Are there any fees for returning an item?

Before you shop it is a good idea to gather inspiration.  My favorite places to go are other blogs, magazines, and Pinterest.

At this point, you should have a good idea of what to look for and how to shop for that perfect sofa.  In case you're wondering what style sofa I purchased it is an English roll arm sofa from Wayfair.  Number 1 in the list below.  In an upcoming post, I'll talk about why I love the English roll arm so much!     

Getting the best quality sofa that fits your budget should be a priority.  The cost of sofas varies widely, a low-mid priced sofa should last about 10 years, while a higher priced sofa should last 25 years or more.  Below are a few choices with the links for you to look at:

1. Durham Sofa at Wayfair $869.99

2.  Fairchild Slipcovered Sofa at Wayfair $920.99

3.  Shelton Sofa at World Market $749.99

4.  Linen Fabric Sofa at Houzz $499.99

All Sale Items! - Sofas


Mid Century Modern Large Linen Fabric Sofa With Casters, Dark Gray

5.  Montgomery Sofa at Wayfair $899.99

6.  Whitfield Sofa at Wayfair $989.99

7.  Elle Decor Porter Track Arm Sofa at Amazon $331.78

8.  Midnight Blue Velvet Kendall Sofa at World Market $749.99

9.  Mitchell Gold Bob Williams Kennedy Sofa at Bloomingdale's $2,475.00

10.  Lounge II 93" Sofa at Crate & Barrel $1,699.00

11.  Lafayette Sofa at Domino $2,710.00

12.  Katia 89" sofa at Joss & Main $969.99

13.  Benson Sofa at Neiman Marcus $1899.00

14.  Vintage Custom Flax Linen Skirted Sofa at One Kings Lane Vintage $3,995.00

15.  Ellin Sofa at Urban Outfitters $1,199.00

Sometimes a change will do ya good!  When there's no time for a big renovation or it's just not in the budget how can we update our homes?  The answer is with cosmetic changes.  Here's how...

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How to update your home without renovating

Clean and Declutter

 Deep cleaning and decluttering can instantly make a home more livable. When my home is clean and orderly, I can think clearer.  Set goals to clean one room or closet at a time, then work to organize anything left behind.  Even if this is all you do, it will definitely make a difference.



Clear the surfaces of coffee tables, and bookshelves then spend time restyling.  Magazines and interior design blogs are great sources for finding inspiration.  I wrote a post on HOW TO STYLE A COFFEE TABLE IN 4 EASY STEPS you can also check out the fun video below.  Sometimes all it takes is a little redecorating to make a room feel well thought out and updated.


Dress Up The Walls

Frame and hang photographs in groups to tell a story.  Add punch to your wall with removable wallpaper.  There are a lot of new trendy patterns and beautiful graphics that can transform your room and give it a designer look.  If you have DIY skills install SHIPLAP or wood strips.  We installed shiplap above our FIREPLACE in one day and the wood strips in our entryway only took about a half-hour to install.

Try A New Layout

Rearranging your furniture can make your room feel like a brand new space. No renovation is needed!  Shake things up a bit and change your furniture layout by reconsidering your existing furniture choices.  Are they in the right place?  Are they in scale to the space?  Try moving pieces around or edit what doesn't fit. You'd be surprised how doing this will make your room more functional and feel more open.  Our SECTIONAL was over ten years old and wasn't working for our downsized family.  We replaced it with an OVERSIZE SOFA that has plenty of room for seating but takes up less space in the room.

Update Window Treatments

The biggest priority when choosing window treatments should be whether you need privacy or light or both.  You can go with blinds, shades, sheers, or curtains.  Choose the thickness of your fabric depending on how much light or privacy you want in the room.  In my living room, I chose woven roller shades that let in light and curtains for privacy.  In the GUEST BEDROOM, I opted for extra thick curtains without blinds or shades

Change Your Lighting

In today's market, there are so many gorgeous options.  Floor and table lamps are easy updates that you can do yourself.  Take a look at your space and see how you can layer in wall sconces, and table lamps.  Changing dated light fixtures can instantly modernize a space.


Paint makes the biggest impact in a room and is budget-friendly.  If you do nothing to a room but add a fresh coat of paint, the difference you will see will impress you and even inspire you to make other changes.


The simplest way to refresh a room is with houseplants.  Adding greenery or fresh flowers to a room can instantly give a room a facelift without having to lift a finger.  Plants simply make a room more colorful and attractive. Plants like Boston Fern, English Ivy, and  Peace Lillies freshen the air inside your home.

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