Blue and White Fall Wreath

It's starting to feel a bit like fall here!  The temperature's are cooling down and some of the leaves are starting to show color.

When you think of fall colors does the color blue come to mind? Probably not!  I'm the type of person that thinks outside the box, especially when it comes to decorating. I used a curtain valance that I already had and purchased the leaves to make a fall wreath using my favorite color blue. Here is the link where I purchased the leaves Shop Michaels Online. 

What You'll Need:

Corn Wreath Form
Two Curtain Valances
Faux Leaf Branches
Hot Glue Gun
Staple Gun
Small Nails
Needle & Thread


Lay the valance on a flat surface and flip upside down.  Wrap the valance tight around the wreath form.  Corn wreath forms can be messy, so I leave the plastic intact.  After you wrap the first valance, secure it with a nail and continue the same process with the second valance until the form is completely covered.

A few nails will do it!   
I pulled the fabric really tight and used about four nails.

You can push the nail straight in or if the fabric is to thick you can use a hammer.

Now you are finished with the fabric part.  Now it's time to add the leaves and acorns.

Pull a few of the leaves off the branches and arrange them in a C shape on one side of the wreath. Use a staple gun to secure them in place.  Now glue the acorns on top of the leaves using a hot glue gun.

 I made a loop on the back of the wreath for easy hanging.  I simply used a needle and thread to make the loop.

Hang the wreath inside like I did.  Or outside under a covered porch on your front door.

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