Simple Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

November 14, 2022,

I'm so happy it's autumn because I get to share with you a few simple Thanksgiving decor ideas. If you are hosting Thanksgiving this year and are scared to take design risks use this holiday to get creative with dressing your table and shelves with pretty decor. They're only going to be out for a little bit of time so get creative and have fun. These simple Thanksgiving decor ideas can work for a large dinner party or even just for two.  Be fearless and just try it.  You can't go wrong because it's your home and there is no right or wrong. 


I love to make a seasonal bouquet of somethingšŸ˜€ It could be faux or real and it's easy to do. Every year I come up with something different. One year I made an arrangement with dried leaves in a DIY tin can vase.  As an alternative, I like to use fruit centerpieces. They are pretty and edible and what's not to love about that!  

It's so much fun to explore putting branches, plants, candles, and food, in the middle of the table. You're going to have to set your table so why not have fun with the items you are selecting. Start playing by getting a tablecloth in a pretty pattern or one with texture. Buy beautiful dishware and glassware and actually use them.  Or bring out those inherited pieces which I think are always the best.



Make your shelves festive by creating small arrangements with things found in nature.  Look for pine cones, branches, and acorns, and have fun displaying them to make your home warm and cozy.  Stack dishware and have fun styling up a pretty drink station.




This autumn has been unusually warm and the oregano is still growing in our garden.  I like to display fresh herbs on the kitchen counter because for me, this makes cooking for Thanksgiving so much more fun.


Place settings made by hand represent love and are a simple way to add that decorative touch to the dining table.  

During the holidays I remember when I was a child my parents would display pistachio nuts in a pretty container on the coffee table. They were red back then and the red dye would get on my fingers and I just thought that was so much fun. Now I use this simple decor idea in my own home but without the red dye. 


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With autumn in full bloom, I thought I'd share with you some of my tips and design ideas on styling a cheerful autumn corner in your home.  


A cheerfully decorated room for me is uncluttered but filled with items that inspire me to feel happy, calm, and relaxed.  I do this through color, artwork, texture, and with natural and artificial lighting.  I mixed the warm colors of beige, cognac, and brown in the furniture and brought in my favorite color pale blue with the accessories. The patterned pillows and my favorite throw blanket that I had for years add softness to the corner of the sofa.


I get really excited when I look at the photograph on the wall! It inspired me for the color palette and pattern mixing for this space and I thought why not make it the story and available to purchase. The beach is the happiest place for us and even though the temperatures are cooler we still like to hang out there. We don't even mind if the weather isn't the best because there's nothing better than to arrive home to a cozy cheerful spot to sit and relax.  On the coffee table, the oyster shells collected on the beach have a resting spot on a stack of design books that I am currently reading. 


Whenever the autumn season would come around I always felt pressured to purchase new decor and fill an entire room using all the fall colors one would think of.  Now I only focus on subtle tabletop decor using naturally found elements.  I could have just popped a mum plant here and called it a day but to me, that would be boring.  In my opinion, there is no better way to seasonal decorate your home than by just going outside and clipping what you have in your yard.  On the narrow strip of the drop-leaf table, next to the sofa is a bouquet of flowers.  How can you not feel cheered when you come into a room and are greeted by a colorful flower arrangement.  I clipped the dahlias and lavender from our patio garden to create this early autumn bouquet. When I arranged the flowers I didn't want them to look stiff and forced so I mixed varieties and colors and bunched them loosely in a black vase.  This creates a beautiful natural feel to the corner which is so much better than a theme look that you can go out and buy. 



This corner just feels like us right now and it's really nice to have this cozy space.  I encourage you to display who you are no matter what the season is and just look for things that make that happiness come alive and give you that place of cheerful calm.  Thank you so much for the visit!   




I like my garden to look full, not perfect, and always well-manicured.  You could say I'm a very laid-back gardener and in the summer I let things go a bit and it's nice to just enjoy it.  The oregano is beautiful right now and it's getting really thick.  I'll hang out on the patio sofa with a cold drink and just look around the garden and see how things are doing.  I find having a garden is very therapeutic because when I'm digging in the garden I'm just looking at what's in front of me and not thinking about anything else.  

btw the mint is especially refreshing in a summer drink OR tea.

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One of the routines I started to do is to preserve the oregano from our garden. Having the ability to mosey to the patio and clip my own herbs, vegetables and flowers is a dream come true.  Last spring I purchased a small oregano plant from the produce section at the grocery store and set it in the garden to grow.

Drying Oregano


The simplest method for drying oregano is to hang dry it. I know there are several other methods out there but for me, this is the best. 

Hang to Dry

Using twine I simply tie a few pieces of oregano together in a bunch at the stem. Then I hang the bundles on a hook in a warm place inside that gets some direct sunlight. I wait about 3-6 weeks for the oregano to dry before taking the bundles down and getting them ready to store in containers.

Removing the Leaves

I slide my hand down the stems emptying the leaves into a bowl.  This part can get a bit messy but I don't mind because the aroma is wonderful. 



Then I crumble the leaves so the dried oregano can be stored in jars.


During this time of year, I cook with fresh herbs.  I'll clip a bunch and display them on the kitchen counter for easy access.  In the Winter, when I can't grow my own I'll use the dry oregano that is currently dried and stored.  I used my DYMO hand-held label maker to create the label on the mason jar. 


I have a collection of mason jars and store-bought herb jars that I like to refill.  You can buy your own herb jars to create your own herb display. Remember to keep them in a dark corner of the kitchen or in a cabinet or drawer to preserve their freshness. 

Before I had a garden I used my kitchen windowsill. A kitchen windowsill is enough to have a mini herb collection.  You can buy oregano, basil, parsley, or sage already potted and keep them for cooking.  A window box or a DIY vertical planter are other small-scale options that are simple and inexpensive.  Below are some of my DIY planter ideas that are easy to make.




Mechanix Wear Gardening Gloves 

Miracle-GRO Cedar Raised Garden Bed

Premium Bypass Pruning Shears

Volcom Women's Throw Shade Straw Hat

Amagabeli Garden & Home Decorative Garden Fence



The patio is finished and I've truly never been happier! It's exactly what I envisioned for this small space; a serene extension of our home to sit and relax when the weather is nice. If you saw my previous post about WHAT I PURCHASED FOR OUR SMALL PATIO then you know this post is all about the decor. 

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Our patio definitely needed some cleaning, especially after the pollen season.  It was nice to empty the patio, give it a good scrubbing, and get started on creating a serene outdoor living space with the beautiful items I purchased.

I arranged our four-year-old SOFA on the patio and did a little styling and tidying up.  Then I added a couple of new pieces.  The first item is this sweet BISTRO SET from Amazon, it's such a great table for two and when we have guests there is plenty of seating on the sofa. I love the idea of summer entertaining that feels special, but without a lot of fuss.  I set the table with classic blue and white and I clipped early hydrangeas from the lush bush on the side of our house.  I will clip more again after they turn blue and bring them inside to display.

I wanted colors for the patio that would make the surrounding garden and trees pop and I am just loving the black and white color palette I picked. It's just so beautiful and so classic you can't go wrong with black and white, especially in the summer.  

Two years ago we added this tiny garden next to the patio. My husband built it and  I planted vegetables, it was great to have but the tomatoes outgrew the garden space and intruded onto the patio.  This year I planted the tomatoes in GROW BAGS and placed them on the other side of the yard in a sunny location.  Some of the tomatoes are starting to ripen and I can't wait to pick them.  Now our garden is filled with lavender, herbs, leafy greens, and flowers. I love sitting in, staring at, and relaxing in this serene living space.  

On a breezy day, all the leaves rustle and dance around. It really is a beautiful sound.  We also enjoy the sweet sound of the birds.

I brought my indoor pillows outside to make the sofa, even more, relaxing with a coastal vibe.  These pillow covers are designed by me and can be found right here in my SHOP.  I don't worry about them getting dirty because they are machine washable, however, if there is a chance of rain I will bring them inside only because I don't want the inserts to get wet. Featured are the SHORE pillow covers.

The second item I purchased is this beautiful BLACK AND WHITE PARASOL UMBRELLA.  I love how this umbrella provides shade from the early afternoon sun and how it completes the cafe-style look that I envisioned.  We love having a meal or snack among the vegetation of the garden. 

The bistro table set and umbrella make this space really cozy, relaxing, and enjoyable.  It's such a great place to sit with a book and a cold summer drink. Or just stare at the splendor of the blossoming flowers and herbs in the garden and think of what needs a little nip, tuck, or clip.

Today I clipped oregano and will gather the leafy stems in bundles to dry.  I will share this with you in an upcoming post.

This simple outdoor refresh project was a total joy!  Every single thing is totally custom and reflects what we need in this season of life we are in right now.  We love feeling a connection with nature and having a serene outdoor living space to hang out in during the summer is one of the best comforts of home.  

Thank you so much for reading until the end!  If you enjoyed this post please subscribe to my newsletter.

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Happy summer everyone!  Just a few weeks ago my husband cleaned up our patio space and now all it needs is some decorating love.  That's where I come in!  

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For our DIY bluestone patio, my plan is to maximize the 10'x10' space by setting up two different zones.  One for dining and one for lounging. 
Our Patio


I purchased a black and white patio sofa about four years ago so I thought I would make it simple and use these colors as my inspiration for the design. For me, these timeless colors add elegance and make a space look crisp and neat without much effort.   

Here is what I purchased for our small patio

This bistro table set is elegant, simple and the perfect size for just the two of us and our small patio. If you love this set as much as I do you can find it at my Amazon shop under Home Favorites.  It comes in 8 different colors if you're not so keen on the black set.


I've had my eye on a black and white striped umbrella for a long time and this one stole my heart. I love the cafe vibe it will bring to our patio.  

This patio sofa purchased four years ago is in good condition and will go back on the patio.   


Target Threshold-Fernhill Patio Sofa

Decorating with pillows is the simplest and most cost-effective way to enhance a patio. I plan on bringing some of my indoor pillows outside to amp up my space.  The covers are made from durable cotton and have a zipper so if they get dirty I can easily pop them off and toss them in the wash. I just have to remember to bring them inside when it rains to protect the insert.  The pillows below are from My Shop.

We have a tiny garden next to the patio, last year I planted two tomato plants and they took over the garden and part of the patio.  So in order to prevent that from happening again this year, I will grow the tomatoes in grow bags. I purchased THESE from Amazon.

And that about wraps it up so hang tight because I'll be doing a full blog post on how I decorated our patio with all of these fabulous items.  

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About 90 percent of items in our home are things I bought second-hand or picked up on the side of the road.  My favorite places to shop second-hand are consignment stores, yard sales, and estate sales.  

Decorating is always exciting for me, but I find that there's something special about spring that makes it even more of a thrill!  The rainy days of early spring let me know that soon the grass will be green and the buds will once again bloom. This is a signal for me to brighten things up inside my home with color through flowers and simple decor that isn't expensive.  It's also a chance to relieve some of the clutter that has accumulated over the winter months and to reorganize things for a fresh new start.    

If you are looking for creative ideas to brighten up the gloomy days of spring inside your home click through to get inspiration.  I loaded this post up with some of my favorite earlier spring decor ideas that I hope will fill you with an abundance of creativity to brighten up your home for spring.     

home-decor-ideas-that-brighten-up-the -gloomy-days-of-spring-love-my-simple-home


I start small by adding fresh flowers.  This simple way of decorating is an inexpensive way to brighten up rainy days.  I like to clip flowers from my yard, but since it's still chilly here in early spring it's not possible so I'll purchase inexpensive seasonal flowers from the grocery store and display them in a variety of ways.







Style a bookshelf with color:

Here I styled mine with a mix of vintage pieces and small-sized coastal prints.


Or go big and hang artwork above a bookcase


Or a mantel
A good tip to remember is if you go big with your artwork make sure the colors in the art coordinate with the colors in your home. 



Without spending too much money, a great way to brighten up a room for spring is with decorative throw pillows.  You can really cater to your color palette as to what you're feeling at that time.  I use pillows that have zippers instead of ones that are sewn shut.  The reason I do this is that pillow covers take up less storage space, and I like to change my pillows each season so it's just easier for me to zip off one cover and swap it for another. 




Paint furniture 


Or take it up a notch and paint your front door a bright color.


In this post, I share my tips and tricks on how I decorate with faux flowers to make them look real.


Get crafty
Create artwork to lean on a bookshelf, make a colorful centerpiece for your dining table, and don't forget your front door with a cheerful wreath.  These Colorful and simple craft projects are quick and fun to make on any day even if it's a gloomy one.




Go organic with a wreath made from natural materials

Thank you for sticking around till the end of this post and I hope you enjoyed clicking through the links for inspiration on creative decor ideas that brighten up the gloomy days of spring inside your home.


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