Stylish Outdoor Patio Sofas & Sectionals

Hi, Friends, I hope you're having the best start to your summer!  I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying the longer days and the warmer weather outside on our patio.  The smell of honeysuckle is in the air and my hydrangeas are blooming.  This year I am changing out our seating on the patio with a new outdoor sofa. I ordered one that has deep seating and would fit our small 10'x10' space.

stylish outdoor patio sofas-sectionals

Front door reveal with the color teal

Today I'm revealing our front door paint color! Last month I posted about my plans for painting the front door teal and the different shade options I was considering.  The paint color I picked is called Teal Motif by Behr Paint.  If you love bold paint color but don't want the risk of painting a wall or a whole room and end up hating it, try using it on your front door. You can always paint it again if you really don't like it. I have to admit that I was really nervous painting our front door this vibrant color and wasn't sure I would like it in the end, but I said I wanted teal and here it is, and you know what? I really like it!  It looks welcoming and pops against the gray color of the house.

A front door makes it the best place to go big with color in a small way.  If you're thinking of painting your front door consider these tips...

Love your home for summer

Rethink your home decor and get inspired by the cool, bright colors of summer. See how easy it is to refresh your home for summer by bringing in cool colors, accessories, and a few collections.  Even none summer lovers can do this.  All it takes is some creativity, so let's get started!


Quick and simple solutions for a comfortable and colorful summer home

Here we are shifting into summer, are you ready?....  One of my favorite things to do when getting our home summer-ready is to address the small details to make it feel relaxed and refreshed. Color, texture, art, fresh flowers and greenery are some of my favorite ways to update our home for summer.  Today I want to share a few DIY projects and decorating solutions to help you create a comfortable and colorful summer home that you can enjoy throughout the season.


four steps to declutter your home for the empty nester

Ahh living with less stuff, wouldn't that be nice!  That's what I said to myself two years ago when my husband and I became empty nesters. I thought this new phase in our lives would be the perfect time to downsize certain furniture pieces, get rid of some stuff and make our home live the way we live now.  We are a small family, to begin with, me, my husband and our daughter.  Our daughter is away at college most of the year so we are not completely at the stage of having an empty nest. However, the dynamics of the house has certainly changed; we no longer have the need for a large sectional or expandable dining table.  Both have served us well over the years when we hosted holidays and sleepovers.  We don't plan on moving for another few years so for now, I decided to change things up around our house and make it work for the two of us.  Here are three steps I used to declutter our home.

Front door inspiration with the color teal

Are you looking for a quick way to renew the exterior of your home?  Paint your front door! My latest paint color crush is teal!  This blue-green paint color comes in dark shades, light shades and everything in between.  If you love the color teal as much as I do and are struggling with choosing the right shade I'm here to help.  Here are some of the options I found....

English roll arm sofas under $1000

In my previous post,  I put together a list of questions to help in the decision making of buying a sofa online.  My answers to these questions lead me to purchase an English roll arm sofa. In case you are not familiar with the English roll arm, it looks the one below.  It is classic, relaxed and comfortable,  with deep seating and low rolled arms, it is the perfect addition to any living or family room.  Here are several reasons why I am in love with this divine beauty......


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