Flip Your Rug

by Julie Nichols, March 27, 2014
Baby, it's cold outside......I can't believe I'm still saying that because it's spring... right?  I'm finding it hard to motivate myself for spring cleaning when it's cloudy, windy, and cold.  How about You?

My Motivation

Don't you think spring cleaning should be like TV commercials?  Where women happily dance around their home cleaning windows, countertops, and carpets.... smiling...the sunlight pouring in and the birds chirping.
The fact is I hate to clean but love to decorate but they kind of go hand in hand and you can't decorate and make it look pretty without the cleaning.

So today with the wind howling leaves swirling and the clouds billowing above.  I thought I would give our area rug some TLC. I usually vacuum the top of my rug, but to give it a good clean I am flipping it over and will vacuum the underside. 

 I put on some music and got to work.

First, remove everything off the rug..my sweet dog was the hardest to move.

Then vacuum and flip it.

My rug is fairly small and was easy to flip by myself.  If you have a larger rug you might need some help flipping it over and putting it back in place.

Next vacuum the underside
It's amazing what you can find under there:
I found a pen that's been missing and some smashed crackers.
Yes, we like to eat snacks on our couch while we watch TV.

Did you know by vacuuming the underside of your rug you are protecting your floor from scratches?
Dirt falls to the bottom of your rug. When you walk on it, the dirt can scratch the floor.  
Flipping your rug is a cheap way to protect your floor and find missing objects.
       Flip Side

After I flipped it I was actually thinking of keeping it like this. I like the muted colors and the rough texture.
Hey has anyone thought of this?... using the underside of your rug instead of the regular way?
It might be nice for summer. 

 Flip Back

Replace Your Furniture And Dog

Thanks For The Visit!

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  1. What a pretty rug. I just did that to the rug by my front door this week. Today is beautiful here so we went hiking. Hope you have Spring weather soon, too! Hugs, Diane

  2. It's amazing all the dirt that gets under rugs, isn't it? I do this a few times a year with the rugs in my living room and kitchen, too.

  3. I have been putting off doing this and I really need to. Quite a bit of snacking goes on in our family room so I can only imagine what's lurking on the underside of the rug. I'm sure your pup was happy to get his spot back! : )



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