Creating A Serene Outdoor Living Space

in , , , by Julie Nichols, July 11, 2022
The patio is finished and I've truly never been happier! It's exactly what I envisioned for this small space; a serene extension of our home to sit and relax when the weather is nice. If you saw my previous post about WHAT I PURCHASED FOR OUR SMALL PATIO then you know this post is all about the decor. 

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Our patio definitely needed some cleaning, especially after the pollen season.  It was nice to empty the patio, give it a good scrubbing, and get started on creating a serene outdoor living space with the beautiful items I purchased.

I arranged our four-year-old SOFA on the patio and did a little styling and tidying up.  Then I added a couple of new pieces.  The first item is this sweet BISTRO SET from Amazon, it's such a great table for two and when we have guests there is plenty of seating on the sofa. I love the idea of summer entertaining that feels special, but without a lot of fuss.  I set the table with classic blue and white and I clipped early hydrangeas from the lush bush on the side of our house.  I will clip more again after they turn blue and bring them inside to display.

I wanted colors for the patio that would make the surrounding garden and trees pop and I am just loving the black and white color palette I picked. It's just so beautiful and so classic you can't go wrong with black and white, especially in the summer.  

Two years ago we added this tiny garden next to the patio. My husband built it and  I planted vegetables, it was great to have but the tomatoes outgrew the garden space and intruded onto the patio.  This year I planted the tomatoes in GROW BAGS and placed them on the other side of the yard in a sunny location.  Some of the tomatoes are starting to ripen and I can't wait to pick them.  Now our garden is filled with lavender, herbs, leafy greens, and flowers. I love sitting in, staring at, and relaxing in this serene living space.  

On a breezy day, all the leaves rustle and dance around. It really is a beautiful sound.  We also enjoy the sweet sound of the birds.

I brought my indoor pillows outside to make the sofa, even more, relaxing with a coastal vibe.  These pillow covers are designed by me and can be found right here in my SHOP.  I don't worry about them getting dirty because they are machine washable, however, if there is a chance of rain I will bring them inside only because I don't want the inserts to get wet. Featured are the SHORE pillow covers.

The second item I purchased is this beautiful BLACK AND WHITE PARASOL UMBRELLA.  I love how this umbrella provides shade from the early afternoon sun and how it completes the cafe-style look that I envisioned.  We love having a meal or snack among the vegetation of the garden. 

The bistro table set and umbrella make this space really cozy, relaxing, and enjoyable.  It's such a great place to sit with a book and a cold summer drink. Or just stare at the splendor of the blossoming flowers and herbs in the garden and think of what needs a little nip, tuck, or clip.

Today I clipped oregano and will gather the leafy stems in bundles to dry.  I will share this with you in an upcoming post.

This simple outdoor refresh project was a total joy!  Every single thing is totally custom and reflects what we need in this season of life we are in right now.  We love feeling a connection with nature and having a serene outdoor living space to hang out in during the summer is one of the best comforts of home.  

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