DIY fabric jewelry gift box-Mother's Day Gift Idea

in , , by Julie Nichols, March 18, 2017
Hi friends, I'm back with another simple Mother's Day gift idea.  This DIY fabric jewelry gift box was made using an empty can of nuts!

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In my previous post, I showed you how to make fabric flower planters using empty nut cans. You can read that tutorial here by clicking on this link  DIY Fabric Flower Planters-Mother's Day Gift

For this project I used:

Fabric Flower Planter (tutorial in the previous post)


Small Screwdriver

Bottle Topper (I used one from an empty oil diffuser bottle)

I used a hammer and a screwdriver to make a hole in the middle of the lid. I simply tapped the screwdriver with the hammer to make the hole.  Then I twisted the bottle topper inside the hole.
 That's it so Simple!

There are many useful ways to use this container.  I am using it as a jewelry box to store my costume jewelry which I will never part with.  You can also use it as a gift box by putting a gift inside and giving it to someone you love.  Mother's Day is around the corner so if you like to DIY this might be a fun project to make and give to your mom.  How about using it to store paper clips and rubber bands on top of a desk.  What would you put in your container?  I'm sure you have some great ideas!

Make sure to check out this post: DIY Fabric Flower Planters Mother's Day Gift for the tutorial on how to make the planters.

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