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I love Mood Boards.  They are large bulletin boards and can be very expensive. I have seen some selling at popular stores for over $200.00.   I really wanted one but couldn't afford that price tag, so I made my own.  It was a simple project and guess what it cost me a little over $5.00.


I made mine using a frame I already purchased at a garage sale years ago.  It had the pretty picture below in it and it was hanging in my living room for a long time.  I thought I needed a change so I took it off the wall and out of the frame.

My original idea was to just flip the picture around and buy a roll of cork and glue it on, but the back of the picture board was too hard to stick a pin.  Instead, I used a display board made of foam core.  I didn't even have to cut it.  It was the exact size of the frame.  It cost a little over $3.00.
(How often do you get that lucky)  

I purchased the fabric at our local big name store for cheap.  $1.00 a yard.  I purchased 2 yards.       (Wow big spender)  and at that price, I didn't mind getting holes in the fabric with the pins. 
I laid the fabric on the table put the foam board on top, cut the fabric to size and folded the sides over the board and taped it.  I used tape.... because if I wanted to change the fabric it would be easy.

Next, I popped it in the frame and hung it on the wall.

Now the fun part.  I started pinning personal things to the board.  You can pin anything you want.
I chose personal things for now.


You can see a little bit of my personality and what I like. This is what I pinned.   I thought in honor of my wedding anniversary and Mother's Day I would pin these vintage pictures of my grandparent's wedding and my mother's high school picture.  There is a poem my daughter wrote for Mother's Day when she was small, a crochet piece made by my grandmother featured in the bottom picture to the left of my mom.  The rest are photos taken by me and some of my artwork, sheet music, and pretty bird cards, and a vintage hanger.
It was so much fun pinning the pictures to the board.   It felt like I was creating a huge scrapbook.

So tell me has anyone made one of these?    What would you pin on yours?

My little friend always by my side.

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  1. So creative! I would most likely pin on a few family photos. Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday!

  2. It looks great! Don't you just love creating great things for almost nothing. It makes the items so much more exciting and treasured than just purchasing ready made and spending more. I made something similar a few years ago. Actually, a couple of them. I got a great deal on an ornate frame at a rummage sale...$5. The details were great but it was ugly gold and dingy. I painted it black and hubby put a piece of galvanized metal into it. Now, it's a gorgeous magnet/inspiration board. I covered a cork board with fabric and yard sale trim and I use it for the same thing. They're both hanging in my craft room.

    By the way....I'm really enjoying your blog. I found you through the "Welcome Wagon" post on the "Cozy Little House" blog. Happy Blogging!

  3. Thank You!!! You are very creative. Great ideas!! Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you come back again.

  4. I love how your pin board turned out. It came out beautifully. Thanks for sharing at Throwback Thursday.




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