How To Cover A Bookcase With Curtains

in , by Julie Nichols, April 29, 2024

Curtains aren't just for windows!  I've used them to conceal the contents in the built-ins in our dining area and now I am using them on a bookcase in our sitting room.  This room also serves as a home office. 

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I decided to cover the bookcase simply because the shelves get messy and when I'm hanging out in this room I can't help but notice the distraction.  Covering a bookcase with curtains is an easy solution to hide the clutter and create a neat and organized look in your home.   

Sometimes it's a little messy, and sometimes a little tidier.  They are Mostly messy but for today and for you they are tidy.😀 I am terrible about putting things back in their usual spot and I tend to just shove them on any shelf. Especially when in a rush.  

It's a space we use often so these shelves are quite functional, but there is also some interest here.  The curtains allow easy access to the shelf contents when they are opened and hide the mess when closed. 

Here is a simple and quick step method you can try: 

Full coverage:  Use curtains that fit the width and length of the bookcase.  I purchased ready-made curtains from Amazon that measure 52x84 inches and fit the bookcase perfectly.  The curtains have grommets but you can use tab-back curtains or hang the curtains with curtain clips. Here is the link for similar curtains.

Partial coverage is another idea if your curtains do not fit the full length of your bookcase. You can cover only the bottom part of the bookcase with curtains. This is a method I used in our dining area. 

Slide the curtains through a spring tension rod and install it across the width of the bookcase. 

Can you believe that's all you need, to do to hide a messy bookcase? It really is that simple. 

Here is the link for the complete makeover of this room:  SITTING ROOM BEFORE & AFTER


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