Hello friends, I've been meaning to write a post for a while now, but sometimes you just don't get around to things.  Let's just say that I am happy to start a new year.  With each new year, I like to find out what is trending in the interior design world, and thought it would be fun to talk about the interior design trends for 2023.  

I find that the one thing that's really interesting with interior design trends is there is a bit of a slow incoming so we start to see it over time. You start to see things in design magazines, or online then you start seeing it more in the mainstream like in retail and corporate spaces or on tv then it whines down where it actually gets into our homes. 

Because trends come and go I like to avoid trends that are way too trendy and instead focus on the trends that are simple to do, long-lasting, and work with my style.  There are a lot of trends in the world of interiors and it would be impossible for me to cover all of them so I put together three that are easy to do and will get you excited to decorate your house this year. I hope this sounds fun to you because I know I definitely love to chat about decorating so let's jump right in.



Vintage and thrifted items can bring personality and character to any space whether it be modern or traditional. They also have the added benefit of being readily available so you don't have to worry about a long wait to have your items shipped. To achieve this trend you can visit your local consignment, antique, or thrift shops for unique pieces.  This is something that I've been doing for years and find it fun to mix the old with the new.  Finding a piece of furniture that blends beautifully with the newer pieces in my home brings character.  I also like thrifting small things like lamps, vases, and dishware. 




Dark wood furniture is making a comeback. We are moving to deep and medium wood tones. One of the simplest ways to hop on this trend is to opt for natural furniture pieces in a dark wood tone. Think of rich walnut side tables or chestnut bookshelves. Also, think of the smaller touches of wood like chairs and sofas with dark wood-toned legs. Add a statement piece of furniture such as a dark walnut coffee table. Keep it balanced by having different wood tones throughout the design and avoid matching sets. Matching sets can look outdated in your design. Instead, choose lighter wood to compliment the dark wood furniture.  Look for Wood furniture that has warmth and coziness like vintage and antique pieces.  




Make your kitchen an extension of your home by creating a cozy feeling that you would get as if you were sitting in your living room or other areas in your home. Think about that warm and cozy spot in your living room or when you are at a restaurant that has a warm ambiance.  One way to create that cozy feeling in your kitchen is with a small lamp. You can find small tabletop lamps just about anywhere. They will bring character to your kitchen and elevate it to that designer look. It's also the easiest way to be on trend in 2023. I have one on our kitchen countertop and I love the warm glow and character it brings to our kitchen. You can also place one on the kitchen island. 



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