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I love the look of raw wood furniture so when I spotted this antique coffee table at a yard sale I knew I had to have it.  This rustic coffee table has been in our home for several years now and the finish on it has completely worn off.  I searched for a clear finish that I could use to protect the top of the coffee table and found a product called Gator Hide from Dixie Belle Paint Company.


I searched the Dixie Belle Paint Company website looking for a clear finish to use on my coffee table.  I found a product called Gator Hide and decided to give it a try.  Gator Hide is poly-acrylic that repels water and is used to protect tabletops and cabinets.

After years of wear and tear, this old gal needed some TLC.  I was beyond excited when my Dixie Belle Paint order arrived in the mail.


I cleaned the top of the coffee table with Dixie Belle White Lightning Cleaner (where have you been all my life?)  This cleaner removed all of the old wax and grime with ease! It is great for cleaning furniture as well as cleaning and prepping kitchen cabinets before painting. I followed the directions on the jar using the recommended two heaping TBS's.

After the table was clean it was time to apply the Gator Hide.  When I opened the jar  I was pleasantly surprised by the low odor so I decided to work on the table inside the house.  I prepped a small area in the living room and opened a window.  I even felt comfortable leaving B in the room with me.  She has become my new blogging buddy; always curious as to what I'm up to.

I applied one coat of the Gator Hide following the directions on the jar.  Three coats are needed to protect the top of the table.  I waited for the recommended 2 hours between coats.

After the third coat, I couldn't believe my eyes!  Look how the Gator Hide highlights the beauty of raw natural wood.  Not only is my table protected from spills it is also beautiful to look at.

Water spills are no problem now because I have the protection of the Gator Hide.  Before I was constantly worried about spilling something on the table - not anymore!

If a spill occurs it beads up on the surface.  Notice how the water does not penetrate the wood. Easy to clean up with a paper towel.

Bye-Bye spill!  No more stains!

Without the protection of the Gator Hide, I wouldn't have felt comfortable placing a large vase filled with water directly on the surface of the table.

I like the low sheen and how the finish shows off the grain of the wood.

After trying Gator Hide for the first time it is now my favorite clear furniture finish.  I recommend using it on natural wood furniture. For more information about this product Go to Dixie Belle Paint Company. They also have a fabulous line of chalk paint, I just ordered some for my next project.

This is a sponsored post.  I received one or more products mentioned in this post for free.  I only recommend products I  believe will be good for my readers.  All opinions are my own.
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  1. This turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love it!

  2. How long did the gator hide need to cure before it was safe to use around water?



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