Simple No Sew Cafe Curtains

by Julie Nichols, November 12, 2013

Hi friends, today I am going to show you how I transformed kitchen towels into cafe curtains.  


This is a very easy project.

I purchased this towel set at decor steals. 
 They are 1/2 linen & 1/2 cotton + machine washable!

Notice at the top there is a small loop and the print is a French bakery receipt.  They are so adorable! I love them and thought they would work better for me as curtains because I think they are to pretty to get dirty.

So this is what I did'll be amazed at how simple this is.  YES, this is a  no-sew project.
Just follow these steps.  You can do this.

  1.  measuring tape
                                                                    2.  iron
                                                                    3.  double-sided tape
                                                                    4.  any curtain rod (I used a tension rod) 

                  Follow These 8 Steps:
                                                      1.   Iron the towel to get rid of all the folds
                                                      2.   Measure the length you want
                                                      3.   Fold over and iron over your crease
                                                      4.   Use a strip of doubled sided tape
                                                      5.   Smooth over                                        
                                                      6.   Place your curtain (towel) on a curtain rod
                                                      7.   Hang your curtains
                                                      8.   Admire how pretty they look





As you can see I left the loop on.  If I want to use them as towels I can just peel off the tape.

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