Simple solutions to hide clutter & our adopted dog B

Are you fed up with the everyday clutter in your home?  You know, the shoes left at the front door that you always seem to trip over and the endless junk mail that lands on your dining room table. Let's face it, these things can slow us down and interrupt the flow of a morning routine.  It's happened to me way too many times. I needed to tackle this problem and find a solution.


Finding the right location is the key!  This built-in is located just off the front door so it is the perfect spot to hide shoes and mail. I can use the bottom shelf to store shoes and boots and the top shelf to stack baskets for the mail and other miscellaneous papers.


I used two curtain panels, a tension rod and baskets. 

Stretch one panel out on the floor.
  How funny, B thought I put this on the floor for her to sit on. 

While she is sitting there, let me introduce you to her.  We adopted B (yes that's her name) in August after our sweet Molly passed unexpectedly in July.  B loves to give hugs and is fast as lightning!  B just turned 6 years old and is my new blogging buddy. 

OK let's try again without B posing on top of the curtain.

Stretch the curtain panel on the floor

Hang the tension rod 

Pull each panel through the top of the tension rod.
Notice that my curtain panels have grommets, it is not necessary to use curtains that have them. However I do like the added weight it gives to the bottom of the curtain, after it is hung. 

Here is the first panel hanging from the tension rod.

Slide that panel to the side and pull the next panel on the tension rod. 

After both panels are on, adjust the length so they just skim the floor and are even at the bottom.

It's time to place the baskets on the shelf . 

I used two baskets and stacked them one on top of the other.
The top one I will use for mail and the other for miscellaneous papers.
The shoes will go inside the basket on the bottom shelf.

 Now that I have a spot to store all the shoes, I am thinking of buying a pair of warm cozy boots at  Nordstrom.  They offer free shipping and free returns; I can't past that up!

Make sure to get your family on board with hiding the clutter.  It helps if everyone in the family is doing this, not just you.

If you don't have a built-in you can purchase a storage bench.
  Wayfair has some really nice ones and offers free shipping!

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