About Me

Hi my name is Julie 

We made our forever home in a small seaside town along the coast of Long Island.  Our journey started 11 years ago when we purchased a fixer upper.  We fixed up one room at a time.   Because we put so much money into fixing our house, I started searching for inexpensive ways to decorate .

I turned our house into a home by shopping at garage sales, thrift shops, consignment stores and the side of the road.

I believe you don't have to spend a lot of money to decorate and make your home pretty.

I like to share simple ways to make your house a home.

I am a wife, mother and daughter.

I live with my husband, daughter & two of the most sweetest fur babies.

A few years back I was laid off from a full time job.  It was difficult to adjust to one income. Eventually I landed a part time job.  Looking back now it was a blessing. Since then I started my blog, met the most nicest blog friends and  have more time to spend with my family.
I am learning how to cut back on expenses and live a simple life.

I like to share simple projects on my blog.   I shop at thrift stores, yard sales & the side of the road.

Our beautiful daughter

I had my daughter at age 40.  Staying fit and healthy is very important to me.  I walk everyday and I always make sure to make healthy meals.  I rather cook our meals at home then go out to eat. Summer is my favorite season.  I love driving to the farm stands to shop for fresh fruit and vegetables to make our meals.

Eastern Long Island is surrounded by beautiful beaches. We have a boat and like to camp on the beach whenever we can.

I am fortunate to have both my parents with me.  My dad had a stroke 8 years ago, it left him partially paralyzed and in a wheel chair.  They are both in their 80's and my mom looks amazing. Growing up we were a family of five.  I have an older sister and a younger brother.  I am the middle child.  When I was a child I took dance lessons and in college it was my major.  I enjoy the ARTS.  I also enjoy being outside on our boat or swimming in the ocean.

 My mom, dad, big sis and that's me next to my little brother.
This picture was taken in 1968

Here is a recent picture of my mom, sister and myself having fun in the Hamptons.

Our fur family

I took this picture when we were camping on the beach.  
That's my husband fishing near the Moriches Bay Inlet facing the Atlantic ocean.

I hope you stay a while and visit my blog!


  1. I am glad I found your blog via Twitter. I love its simplicity and the elegance.

    1. Hi Elena, So glad you found me on Twitter!!

  2. Hi Julie, I seem to find very few New Yorkers who are also bloggers,most of them are Southerners. So nice to be visiting you and your lovely house. .


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