I am so happy to share with you our living room all decked out for summer.

We live in a coastal community surround by the beautiful bay and cove on Eastern Long Island.  Our home is a cape cod style.  The front door leads into a small vestibule which opens up into the living room, our favorite place to hang out!  

Come on in..... Molly and I will show you around.

This area is used as our foyer.
The mirror is just left of the vestibule and a white chest is on the opposite wall.  

 Our entire home is decorated with yard sale finds, roadside giveaways and repurposed items. 

 I like to keep an open heart and mind when shopping at yard sales.
My home is my canvas and I go with my gut instincts and my individual way of decorating.  In other words, I follow my own inner voice when looking for items for our home.  

My husband & I pulled the white chest out of a neighbors trash.  It is brand new just missing the drawer slides.  Luckily my husband is handy and was able to add them to the drawers.

My idea for our home is to keep it simple with a warm feeling.  I thought a sectional would be perfect for our small family.  It fits snug against the wall with plenty of space around it to showcase family photos.  The three of us sit comfortably here along with Molly and our kitty.  This sectional had a chaise on the end, it took up to much space so I removed it and placed it in another room.

I purchased the antique coffee table at a yard sale.  I am thinking of staining it a weathered gray.
The small table left of the sectional was a trash giveaway.

Blue is my go-to color to decorate with.  It is my favorite color and you will find it throughout our home.  Even our ceiling is blue! A custom mix made by my hubby.  There is no name for this color he just mixed whatever leftover paint we had and came up with this pretty blue.  

The wall  color is Benjamin Moore 208 (Da Vinci's Canvas)

My take-out food box held up well.  I made it about a year ago.

Our entertainment center sits between two windows with the TV mounted on the wall.  The entertainment center was a hutch that we had in our kitchen. I repurposed it by removing the top piece (where the china would be displayed)  replaced the door with a chalkboard purchased from Decor Steals,  placed a DVD player and cable box where a drawer was and painted it white.  I leaned the door to the hutch on top of it. (I painted that as well with a mix of different paint colors.)

Our old fluorescent light fixture from our kitchen is now a wall vase/sometimes picture hanger.

This horse is one of my favorite finds purchased in the spring at a barn sale.


Race boat trophies I spray painted, vintage house numbers... I used push pins and just pinned them to the cardboard that came with the frame, the louver shutter came off the entertainment center {hutch} and a couple of my photos sit on top.

A shelf placed behind our sectional holds photos of our daughter.  The lamps I spray painted turquoise and distressed.  The metal letters on the wall are our initials.  (purchased at TJ Maxx.)
{I stained the shelf and my husband hung the brackets.}

I made a gallery wall of some of my favorite pictures.

These pretty frames are from Two's Company.  I purchased them many years ago.

A Decor Steals pillow lays on top of my favorite chair purchased on sale at Home Goods.

Hand-painted driftwood sign made by me sits on top of another roadside giveaway.

Mussels are abundant on Long Island.  I love them with tomato sauce over pasta. 
Here is one hand painted..... it is one of my favorite little shells.

I love decorating with natural elements.  In the summer I use seashells, beach glass, flowers, and driftwood.  I used a small shell to cover up the nail above the picture.

I love flowers they add an instant freshness to any room!!

Turquoise is my favorite summer color!

I love rooms with character and personal charm and I work to achieve that in my home.  I like to add unexpected, whimsical surprises in an unconventional way.  

I hope you enjoyed the tour of our little seaside home.  

Molly and I thank you for stopping by!

Hope you come back to see our Hooray for summer kitchen tour.
Have a Beautiful Day!!

Repurpose Old Trophies

June 16, 2015,

Here is a simple DIY project using antique trophies found at a yard sale.  Over the weekend I went to one in my neighborhood.  As I wandered around I spotted a large box of old, rusty, broken trophies.  I chatted with the owner and he told me he was a champion race boat driver in the 1950's and won many trophies.  He was so sweet; after our chat, he insisted I take some home with me.  

When I got home I took them apart, threw away the rusty bolts and nuts. I used soap and water to clean the boats.

Here are the leftover pieces.  I have plans to repurpose these as well. My daughter donated her soccer trophy for future projects. 

After they were nice and clean I spray painted each boat a beachy color.

Now I have unique decorations for summer and a nice little story to tell about the man in the boat.

Repurposing old trophies is an inexpensive way to add personality to your decor.

Have you repurposed old trophies?   I would love to hear how you repurposed yours.....

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