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At the end of the year I like to look back at my projects and share some of my favorite ones with you!  I hope while you are here you gather some inspiration to tackle your own home projects in 2017.

My fireplace makeover with shiplap is one of the project's that I am most proud of!  Check out the before photos, and the step by step tutorial on how I achieved this look!

For this simple project I used two tin cans to make a farmhouse style vase!

 Last January I shared tips on how to use white wicker furniture inside your home.   

  In this post I shared how to use fabric on the wall and a simple tip for keeping the fabric in place.

I love experimenting with paint! 
In June I shared my technique on how to get the look of driftwood.

One of my favorite things to do is repurpose! 
 Love My Simple Home has a ton of  repurposed projects!  My favorite one is this desk!

Thank you for stopping by! 
 I hope I inspired you to tackle some of your own projects!

Hi, friends!  Can you believe in a few days we will be celebrating Christmas and then a new year?  As this year comes to a close, I want to say thank you so much for being loyal friends at Love My Simple Home. I also want to wish you a happy holiday and a happy new year! I made available a January 2017 printable calendar as a way of saying thank you, it is custom made by me.  I hope you enjoy using it to plan your first month of the new year!   

January 2017 Calendar
Click the link below to download your free calendar 

This printable is for personal use only

Hi sweet friends, I'm so glad you're here!  A few weeks ago when I pulled out the boxes of Christmas decorations I found a musical Christmas tree that was in need of repair.  It was a favorite of mine growing up!  My mom would display it during the holidays, I remember winding the music box to listen to the sweet song that it played.  It had a green and silver mesh Christmas tree on it and played Silent Night. I thought I could restore the mesh tree, but it was beyond my capabilities.  However the music box and metal sticks were in good condition, so I thought I would just go ahead and replace the tree.

I made a short video for you to hear the sweet music it plays. The video is at the end of this post.

I purchased a white styrofoam cone.  You can find them at Amazon.  The white yarn I had on hand. 

                                        Starting at the base I wrapped the yarn around the styrofoam cone.

When I reached the top, I used a small amount of spray adhesive to keep the yarn intact.

I used feather yarn to give the tree some fluff.  Then I poked a hole in the bottom of the Styrofoam with the metal sticks and pushed them through to the top.  Now the tree stands on the music box.

My Christmas tree needed a topper.  I used a vintage light bulb from a set of bulbs that my mother gave to me. 

I displayed my white, fluffy, musical Christmas tree with a few mini faux evergreen trees.  

The pine cone wreath I made last year How to Make a Pine Cone Wreath.  This year I gave the wreath a mini makeover with more pine cones and gold spray paint. I attached it to a black chalkboard.

Click on the video to hear Silent Night.

Hi friends, have you finished decorating for the holidays, or are you still searching for ideas to get started?  I just finished a home tour featuring my dining room with a woodland theme. If you are searching for holiday decorating ideas, head on over and check out my dining room. There are tips on how to prepare your home for the holidays as well as some beautiful home tours.

Today I'm sharing a lickety-split project that you can make in 5 minutes!  I purchased three stockings at Target to go with my woodland theme and gave them a budget-friendly makeover using trim from two Santa hats.




2 Santa hats


Hot glue gun


1. Cut the trim off both of the hats, then measure the width of the stocking and cut the trim to fit.

2. Glue the trim to the top of the stocking

3. Hang

that's it!

Here is the trim that I cut off of the first hat, along with a few pom-poms I made. 
If you're interested in reading how I made the pom-poms, you can read that post here:

You can personalize the stockings with letters and ornaments.  
I hung ornaments from each stocking and glued our initials on them.

Here are all the goodies that I purchased at Target

 I am excited today to share my dining room and how I prepare my home for the holidays.

Five tips on how to ready your home for the holiday


 Think of what you truly love and how you want your home to look for the holidays. This is as easy as picking a theme.  Once you establish your theme the rest should be fun. 


I celebrate Christmas, so a meaningful Christmas tree is important to me.  To make my tree meaningful, I use what I love....nature, family heirlooms, and ornaments my daughter made when she was little.


Bring in nature and use it in your decor.  This is the simplest way to decorate and it is my favorite! Place a few evergreen clippings on a shelf along with pine cones for instant holiday decor!


Keep it simple, I'm sure if you're like me you have accumulated a ton of Christmas decorations over the years. Carefully dig through the boxes and use only a few of the items and put the rest back in storage. It's okay really.  I finally mastered this and I am guilt free!



Buy something new that fits your theme.  This goes back to planning.  Define your theme and buy only those items.  This will save you money.  I like to mix new items with my family's heirloom pieces.

Here is how I decorated my woodland theme dining room using the five tips above.

This is the very first year I am using a tabletop tree for our only Christmas tree!

I decorated our farmhouse-style mantel with a woodland theme.

  We enjoy a leisurely breakfast in front of the fireplace on Christmas morning.

My favorite item in the dining room is this stainless steel medical cabinet that I use for storing our everyday dishware and my collection of bottles.

I gave the stockings a little makeover using the trim from a Santa hat.

This decoration was fun to put together!  I glued pine cones to a faux wreath, added lights, and hung a deer cutout on the wreath. Then I hung a simple frame.

On the shelves next to the fireplace, I added pops of red to the neutral decor.  Here is where I mixed the new items with my vintage ones.  For a quick decorating idea, place a ribbon inside a bell jar and display vintage light bulbs in a glass vase.

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