Door to Frame

in , by Julie Nichols, April 19, 2013
I used the door to our entertainment center to make this frame for the print I purchased last week.  It is finished and here is how I did it.


First I brought it outside and gave it a sanding.  I used the palm sander hiding behind the paint can.
I used  Benjamin Moore paint (White Linen) leftover from another project, and wood glue to cover-up the holes in the door.
                                                  Remember this is where it came from

                                 I reused just about every piece of this entertainment center

                         The next step was to take the rubber off the glass. Cover the holes and paint them.
I left the small black hardware on the door. I thought they would be perfect to use as the picture hanger.  After it was painted I was ready to put the print in and hang it with this wire.
Once the wire was in place I didn't like the way it looked because you can see it hanging off the frame.  So I needed a plan B.   Looking around my office... I  spy with my little eye  TWINE.
There it is sitting on the corner of the draw turned shelf.

Next, I knotted the twine on the hardware.  I found the knobs from the drawers and door that I took off the entertainment center and painted one of them.
                                  Here it is on the wall.   I glued the knob on the screw.

So there you have it.  How I changed the door into a frame for this sweet print that makes me smile.

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