From Drab to Fab Dining Chairs

Changing the fabric on dining room chairs is easy to do. I wanted a nautical feel and fell in love with this blue and white stripe fabric.

For this project, I used 4 1/2 yards of fabric to cover six chairs.   
Oh! because I changed the fabric on the chairs I had to purchase new curtains to complete the look.  I found new curtains at Home Goods at $16.00 for the pair.


            Here is my step by step tutorial:  

Tools you'll need a measuring tape, scissors, screwdriver, staple gun.

The first step was to take the cushions off. ( I did one chair at a time.)   Next lay the fabric out, measure, and cut to size.  Leave at least 2" extra to allow for any mistakes.  This is the first time I attempted this kind of project.

Once I measured and cut, I put the cushion on top of the fabric with the front side of the cushion facing me and pulled the fabric tightly over and gave it one staple in the middle.  Then I did the same for the back and the sides.  Once each side had one staple,  I went back to the front of the cushion and stapled along the edge out to each corner leaving one inch between each staple.  Leave the corners for last and fold those over like your wrapping a present.  Give the corners at least three staples. Trim any excess fabric.  Don't worry if it doesn't look perfect.  Remember no one will see under the chair.  (Let's hope not a least.)

After you have stapled all around the chair and your hand and fingers are killing you from holding that staple gun, flip the cushion over and smile and give yourself a pat on the back.  Now grab your screwdriver and screw it back on the chair. 

That's it!!  Only five more to go.☺


Here are the chairs dressed in their pretty new fabric


   Now I think I'll invite friends over for some food and drinks

                                             The table is set with blue and white plates

Crystal glasses, candles, beach glass & flour sack towels 


The three white ceramic seashells are candle holders I placed beach glass inside of them instead of candles.

                                Now after all that hard work I'm going to sit back and relax.

The print above the chair is of my husband's former boat moored in the bay down the street from where we live. We stumbled upon it at a local art gallery.  We were surprised!!!


Acorn to Oak said…
Great re-do. Your dining room looks so fresh and pretty. You sure got great deals on the fabric and the curtains! I bet it feels so great every time you walk in there to see a brand new dining room. How fun! :-)
City Farmhouse said…
Great job Julie! Your home looks so pretty:)!! Jen
Thecreativeme23 said…
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Thecreativeme23 said…
Your chairs look wonderful - great choice of fabric!

Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG
Brenda Pruitt said…
I love your white dining room set! And your redo of the chair cushions is perfect.
Karie said…
Beautiful, beautiful. The chairs are truly a beautiful addition to your lovely home. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Karie
Bliss said…
Those turned out fantastic! Did you hear there is a new syndrome? It is called Staple Gun Finger. I have been cured and hope to never come down with it again.

Patty Rumaker said…
Your chairs look fabulous! I really like all the blue in your dining room, it looks like summer!
Thanks, Patty
Love the transformation!! Great job.
love the new striped material. really makes a big difference in perking up the room
m said…
Your chairs look lovely! That's a really pretty fabric that looks great with the white of the chairs. I have to re-do my dining room chairs but I've got to add some more padding to mine before I recover them :)
Anonymous said…
Hi Julie!


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Cathy said…
Great job love the colors!

Cathy's Cupboard Calamity <;)
Love the stripes! And the whole room is just really pretty and tied-together!
Anonymous said…
So pretty! You did an amazing job! I love the fabric color! it turned out beautifully!, simply mattress and bed retailer
Love the blue and your dining room is gorgeous. Beautiful tablescape too. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty
Helen's Decor said…
Julie, your dining room looks lovely. The chairs look great with the colors shades in the curtains. I'm also linked for Anything Blue Friday.
Acorn to Oak said…
Drab to fab is absolutely right. They look fantastic with the new fabric! And your dining room is so pretty. Great job! How fun that must have been too! Enjoy!
Great job! Your dining room looks so beautiful!
Julie, love the fabric. And, I love all the touches of blue around the room. Thank you for sharing. You will be one of the features tomorrow at the Anything Blue Friday party at The Dedicated House. Pop on in and grab a feature button for your blog. Hope to see you again tomorrow at the little blue soiree. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
The chairs are truly a beautiful addition to your lovely home.CHEAP BED GLASGOW
Roberta said…
Hi Julia,
your post about these chairs is very nice!
Have a nice weekend,
Anonymous said…
love the fabric. I live near the beach and that would great on my chairs. Could you tell me brand and name Thank you
Julie Nichols said…
I purchased the fabric at Joanne Fabric store I'm sorry I can't remember the brand or the name of the fabric. I am glad you like it. Hope you can find the same fabric or something similar. Thanks for the visit!