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in , by Julie Nichols, May 24, 2013
Hi everyone,  Last weekend I had fun shopping around my neighborhood.  I set out driving and stopping wherever there was a sign.

Here are some of the items that came home with me.  I spent a total of $8.00 on everything.

                                                                      CUTE STOOL

                                                           The price was $5.00...Paid $3.00

                                    The basket and all of the dishes including the cup were $5.00
                                I love blue and white plates. I have a small collection of them.
                                            There were 12 plates and 1 teacup for $3.00.
                                                                   The basket was $2.00

I plan to use the basket for a dog and cat toy bin and the stool is going to get painted blue.
I picked up a free paint sample from Lowes, which I had a coupon for.

                                    Here is my little guy taking ownership of the basket already.

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  1. Great finds and what a deal you got on them! :-)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank You
      The hunt for them was fun!!

  2. You did good! Love blue and white, the basket too!

  3. There is something about the combination of blue and white dishes and the honey color of baskets that makes such a pleasing picture.

    Our grandson's fiance was here for dinner last night while he was working and as she was complimenting us on our lifetime of married "stuff" I told her that almost everything had come from Goodwill. She said nearly everything she has came from Goodwill. I put my seal of approval on her right then! Recycling at its best!



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