Wall Sconce Love


Hi friends this project was really simple.  When I first spotted this wall sconce at a consignment shop I walked away from it.  I thought about it all night worried someone else would scoop it up.  I went back the next day and made it mine.   I paid $13.00 for it.  This is what it looked like when I purchased it.

 I knew I wanted to lighten it up.  It was very dark,  not my style, or very pretty, but definitely very cool.

                                                       HERE IS HOW I CHANGED IT

First I covered the cord and the socket with plastic & tape.  Then I took it outside and spray painted it white. (Semi-Gloss)

It started to rain so I took it inside to dry.  After it was dry I sanded the edges to give it a shabby
look.  ( I forgot to take pictures of that part.)

Then I just hung it on the wall and gave it three different looks by using three different shades.




                                                                  WHITE LINEN

My favorite look is the seagrass shade.  Which one is your favorite?  I would love to know!!


Acorn to Oak said…
What a great deal! So glad you snatched it up. The transformation is great and I love the shade you picked...it was my favorite of the three too. Enjoy!
Dewena said…
Saying hello after seeing you at Cozy Little House! I know you're glad you gave that unusual sconce a good home and a facelift! I can see it used seasonally with different shades. Each that you showed are lovely. I think the floral shade is so pretty for spring and the seagrass says welcome summer! The white maybe at Christmas when you use Christmasy objects near it?

I can see by scrolling through your page that you are a talented woman!
Melanie said…
Nice to meet you! I also am visiting through Brenda's blog. I like both the sea grass and the blue and white shades.

Following you on FB and Pinterest, too. Hope you'll come over to my blog and visit!
Michele said…
I like the blue and white and seagrass shades best. It is really a nice sconce lamp now you lightened and brightened it up.
Julie Nichols said…
Thank You very much. It's nice to know that we have similar tastes in style.
Julie Nichols said…
Hi Dewena, Thanks for stopping by and sharing your ideas. I like your idea about using the white shade for Christmas objects. I never would have thought of that.
Julie Nichols said…
Hi Melanie, So glad you came to visit my blog. Thank you for following me on FB and Pinterest. I just popped over to your blog. What a lovely blog you have. Hope we can be friends.
Julie Nichols said…
Hi Michele,
Thank You for letting me know which ones you like best.
Anonymous said…
Hi Julie ~ Welcome to blogging! You did a wonderful job with the sconce. I think I like the linen shade but they all look great!