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in , , by Julie Nichols, June 21, 2013
Hi, friends thanks for stopping by.  I think you're going to say I am a little cuckoo after you read this post.

Do you know those large tickets that hang from your rearview mirror when you get your car serviced or go to a parking garage?  Most people throw them out.  I kept mine after I got an oil change.  My ticket number was 648 that's what I used to make this very simple project.

The numbers are large and bold.  They are printed on each side of the cardstock.  On one side the numbers are red and on the other side, they are green.  Most normal people would have tossed this in the garbage.  Well not me, I took it in the house put it in my office and it sat there on my table for a few days waiting for some kind of creative genius to pop into my head.

 Then on one rainy day, clear out of the blue I made these three tags.

I don't have a before picture of what it looked like because I didn't intend this to be a post until after I cut the numbers.
After I cut them I thought they would make great tags.

To make the tags you will need:  Twine, Hole Puncher, and Scissors

This is sort of what the ticket looked like. I pushed them together so you get an idea of what they looked like before I cut them. So instead of being one number (648), it is now individual numbers.

The 4 is shorter because it had a large hole in the middle where it hangs from the rearview mirror.
I cut between each number then cut the top part below the hole on #4,  I used the hole puncher to put one hole in each tag and then tied twine through each one.  (Cut,  hole punch, and tie)  Simple, Simple, and Simple.

When I finished I hung the tags on a vintage hanger on my mood board on top of vintage cornet sheet music that was my father's.

You can use them in many different ways.  For example, you can tie them to baskets, hang them from doorknobs,  drawer handles, or lockers.  You can even tie them on birthday presents using the number for the age of your child.  You can cut the individual numbers and make a stencil.  If you want an antique look you can probably age them with a stain.  The possibilities are endless.

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  1. Hi Julie,

    My first visit to your blog. Lovely !! I have enjoyed all your projects to date and can't wait to see more. I will be back.

    I love your sense of style, the simplicity, the colors. Quite the inspiration.

  2. Thank you so much for the lovely comment!!

  3. Cute idea! LOVE that coathanger too!!

    Thanks for visiting me xox



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