Simple Wreath

in , by Julie Nichols, July 03, 2013
Hi Friends,  Here is a simple wreath project that anyone can make, even if you think you are not that crafty.

I used a grapevine wreath, silk hydrangeas, and burlap, all purchased at Michael's Craft Store.
Here is my tool list:
Hot Glue Gun

First I snipped the flowers off the stems.  Then I tucked each one into the wreath in a U shape.  I started in the middle and worked up each side. There was no need to use glue because the stems fit tight between the vines. I decided not to use the leaves but I saved them for a different project.

To make the bow I used burlap from a roll. I cut about 12 inches or more off the roll. I loosely tied the burlap around a doorknob to make the bow. Now, why would I do that you may ask?  Because this stuff is really cumbersome to work with and after fighting with it for a while I discovered that if  I tied it to something I could manage it better.  So hence tying it to the doorknob worked.  After I was satisfied with how it looked I gently pulled it off and fluffed it into shape. I folded the ends and snipped them to get that V shape.

Then I glued the bow on top of the wreath.

And now I have a sweet wreath for my front door.

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  1. What a pretty wreath! Love the hydrangeas and they look so pretty with the color of your entrance.


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