A Beautiful Day With My New Camera

Yay, my new camera arrived today!  The weather is beautiful so I thought I would go outside and test it by taking a few photos.  It is a point and shoot Nikon Coolpix  L810 with a wide optical zoom.  It is not as fancy as my other camera (The One I Dropped) but a good replacement and one I think I will be happy with for a while.

The first photos I took are of sunflowers growing in a field in our tiny village.


I am standing on the other side of a fence
I didn't want to trespass on the property so I took these using my zoom



On the way home I stopped at a horse farm

He was the only one out today


 The zoom is great on this camera!
In the last picture, you can see how far away I was standing when I took this shot. 

And this one
It looks like he spotted me taking his picture.
I love horses they are so sweet.


The clouds rolled in fast
Nature is an ever-changing canvas.  I love it.

  This is the actual distance I was from the horse.  

It is fun taking pictures of nature.  How about you? 
 Do you enjoy it and what pictures do you like to take?
I would love to know.


ANNE said…
What great subjects to photograph!! Lovely photos, glad you have a camera that makes you happy!
What amazing fields of sunflowers! You take the best photos! ENJOY your week!
I'm lovin' that truck in the sunflower field. Great shots!
The sunflowers remind me that autumn is just around the corner. Nice note cards.
Vee said…
Great fun to have a new camera to play with! I especially love the first photo, too! Perfectly charming...
ellen b said…
Love the truck in the middle of the sunflowers!
~Sue~ said…
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Sue said…
Enjoyed all of your country photos, especially the truck among the sun flowers. Thanks for sharing.
I apologize for the above deleted comment, I was logged in on another account.
Lorrie said…
That's a great shot with the truck in the midst of the sunflowers. It looks as though the flowers rushed up to surround the truck with sunshiney love. You're having fun with your new camera!
Donna said…
Congrats on getting a new camera! I think Nikon makes some great cameras! (haha, of course, I own Nikons!) I love those sunflower ones. The large fields are so impressive, and the addition of the old vehicle and the backlighting really compliments the compositions.
Sofia said…
Wow...amazing sunflowers field, and very nice reflections captured!
Gemma Wiseman said…
A wonderful field of happy sunflowers. And love the lone horse who seems quite content in his beautiful world.
Audrey said…
magnifique endroit et quel soleil !
'Tsuki said…
The first picture with the truck lost in the sunfloers field is simply perfect ! Well done !
Andrea said…
Hi Julie, my first time here. I love your camera, and i can't imagine it can get a good focus for that horse in that distance. Even if i have a DSLR i also always carry a PnS as buddy! However mine is not as powerful as that.
Molly said…
I love the sunflowers. Next year I am not going to forget and I am going to grow them again in my garden

eileeninmd said…
Two of my favorite subjects. The sunflowers are my favorite flowers and I love horses. Beautiful photos. Have a happy weekend!
joanne said…
sunflowers just exude happiness, don't they? my fave is the truck almost obscured by the blooms...
Shirley said…
Wow, you have a terrific zoom lens! I adore the subject of your photos.
Unknown said…
Wonderful! I love sunflowers and horses too.
Viera said…
such an amazing sunflowers reflection... well donne...
Your photos with the new camera are great! I'm learning photography and enjoy taking nature pictures, too!
Great pictures. I love sunflowers! They are such happy flowers.
Blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse
Art and Sand said…
My husband is a professional artist and paints lots of trucks. That truck looks so beautiful in the sunflowers. Where is it? If it was anywhere near, we would be photographing it immediately for a painting.
Gorgeous photos! Love the sunflower shots, they are just so pretty. Especially with a sweet vintage truck in the middle of them! Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday!!!