Make a cute skirt for your Mum

in , by Julie Nichols, September 23, 2013
 I made this cute burlap skirt in about 15 minutes

Here is the container it came in.  Great price. Thanks, Walmart

 This is what I used 

 a roll of  burlap (Perfect fit I didn't even have to cut it)
a scrap of leftover burlap 
1 button
hot glue gun
small wooden letters
colored pencils

  I simply wrapped the burlap around the container & glued the corner.
After I wrapped it I made small snips at the bottom of the burlap
To make the bow I pinched the scrap piece together in the middle & pinned it with a safety pin.
Glued a button on the bow
Glued the bow on the container
colored the letters with the pencils
Glued the letters to the bow

After I took these pictures I noticed the rim of the container was showing. 
If you want you can cover it up with a thin piece of rope or twine.
Or just pull the skirt up a bit.

Go ahead and have fun. This project was so easy!!

 Soon I'll be bringing fall to the rest of my house.

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  1. I'm going to look for some of that burlap. I always buy a few mums to enjoy inside the house. This is a fun and quick project and looks great! Happy Fall my friend!



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