Saturday's Find Part II

by Julie Nichols, October 29, 2013


I finally finished my redo on this little table I picked up for a dollar.  I am going to call it my little experiment.                                       

 Remember how it looked when I first brought it home?  You can read about that little story here.                                  

Here is how the transformation took place

I sanded first then painted.   I used leftover paint and a staining mixture of vinegar and steel wool for the legs.

I mixed my free-B paint from Lowe's with leftover white paint from my daughter's bedroom redo.
(Hopefully, I'll be sharing that with you someday... still a work in progress)

To Paint

Turn the piece over
Paint The Legs First
I use a foam brush (just because I find it easier & the paint & stain go on smooth.)
If the piece of furniture I am working on is small I like to turn it upside-down and paint the legs first.
This way you can cover the entire leg.
After the legs are dry I flip it over and paint the rest.
I used a mix of the Ultra White paint and the Cathedral Stone for the legs and painted the top with 
Cathedral Stone paint only.
I sanded the edges of the legs.

I waited a day or two for it to be completely dry

 I aged the piece with acrylic paint.  (My Very First Time Doing This) Gulp
You can purchase these at Walmart or Michaels Craft Store
I chose dark colors for the aged look & one light color just in case it came to dark

For Aging You Need:
1.  acrylic paint 
2.  paint brush  (not foam)
3.  damp rag
4.  dry rag
5.  rubber gloves & hand cream to protect your pretty hands

I used the Pavement color first on the front where the embellishment is. It is a very dark color almost black. I wiped most of it off with a damp cloth & left some in the corners.
Then I went over it with the Gray color to lighten it up.  The Gray has blue undertones which gave it a nice layered look that I really like.
Next, I dabbed & brushed the Burnt Umber paint on the legs and the top of the table.  
Just certain parts hitting mostly on the edges, then I rubbed it in with my rag and wiped it with the damp rag. I kept doing this until I was happy with the look.
Next, I dabbed the crevices of the legs with the Raw Umber paint.
I did the same for the top.
If you try this, don't worry the acrylic paint wipes right off.  You don't need to cry or you can if you have to.  I did a couple of times.  Just kidding!

My last step was:
Put a little Paste Wax on the top to protect it

And this on your hands to protect them

This should be the official hand cream for DIY bloggers

And here it is! 

A close up of the top, the embellishment & the legs

Here you can see a peek of the blue showing through

Side View


Hope you liked my little experiment

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  1. Beautiful transformation! I am inspired by your creativity.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  2. You did a great job! It helps to take your time and get the effect you want. I don't I can say that! heehee! Love your rusty find, too. I need to go thrift shopping while we are up there....maybe tomorrow! Hugs!

  3. This looks amazing Julie! Great find:). Thank you so much for linking up each week to our party!!
    Happy Halloween,

  4. I love how this table turned out!! Thank you for linking up at my Furniture and Paint Party!
    start at home

  5. Thanks for great details, you did an amazing beds company

  6. Great Redo!! I like all the colors that come through. Thanks for sharing on DIY Sunday Showcase!!


  7. I love your table! I featured you this week. Have a blessed weekend! Mary

  8. Love your blog it's simple and pretty

  9. It looks lovely, great job! Thanks for sharing



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