Saturday's Find Part One

in , by Julie Nichols, October 14, 2013
Happy Columbus Day!  On most weekends I enjoy going to garage and estate sales in my neighborhood.  There are so many this time of year.  My favorite one is a  farm just up the street from my house.

It was a beautiful warm sunny day as I drove up the long dirt driveway, parked my car, and walked past the beautiful organic vegetable gardens, past the chickens, roosters, and pigs.

I arrived at a lovely Farm House with a lot of small items for sale.  I was looking for a table that I could redo and use as a coffee table in my living room.

As I was ready to leave I spotted a small group of furniture.  There was one piece that caught my eye. It was a small brown end table without a price on it. So I asked... how much for that brown table? The owner of the farm said it was $1.00.  Wow, are you kidding me? (that was my mind talking I didn't say that out loud).  I thought she was going to say $5, $10 or even $15, not a dollar.  She practically gave it to me and even offered to help me put it in my car.

Here it is in my driveway you can see the top of it is really scratched up

I got so excited I forgot to grab my camera before I started sanding. 

 Sometimes I get involved in a project and forget to grab the ole camera.
You see it is in pretty bad shape.

This little table is very heavy and solid

I like the flower design on the side.  It was a nice surprise because I didn't notice it when I bought it.

Even though the legs seem to be in good condition (but very dirty) I decided to sand the whole thing.
My idea was to just sand it and not paint or stain it again.  I was going for that raw natural wood look that is very popular now.  Sadly to say after I finished sanding it the wood was dirty looking and ugly.  It just didn't turn out the way I wanted.  So I guess I'll be painting it.

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  1. How neat is that! I showed the photo of the detail to my hubby. Years ago we had an old desk that had that same detail. I wish we still had it! I can't wait to see how it looks if you paint it! Great close to free as you can get!

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