Thanksgiving Center Piece

by Julie Nichols, November 22, 2013

Using Blue & Orange 

Hi, friends I was thinking of a way to make a centerpiece without spending money.  I created this one using what I already had.  I used a wreath that I made over the summer, dried hydrangeas from my garden, my wool scarf, and a pumpkin.  

I placed the wreath in the center of the table.  I put a bowl in the middle of the wreath.  This gives the pumpkin some height.  I wrapped my scarf around the pumpkin and placed the hydrangeas around the scarf. I added two pompoms that I made the night before.

I set the table with my blue and white plates to go with the blue I already have in the room and to go with the seat coverings I made.

I also thought of a different way to fold my napkins this year

I folded the napkin in half lengthwise then folded over the right side to form a square.  I folded the corners into the middle and ironed over each napkin to keep the fold in place.  The napkins now look like a small envelope.  On Thanksgiving day I might hide a small trinket on the napkin for a nice surprise for my family. For the photo, I laid a pine cone on top.

Thank You For Stopping By 

Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving

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