Christmas Boxwood Wreath

by Julie Nichols, December 08, 2013


Hi friends today I like to share a Christmas wreath I made using what I already have. I used leftover scrap from this project that I made in July. I save & re-use scraps for future projects. It's a great idea because it saves time and money.

I cut the boxwood from the bush in front of our house.  

I used my hot glue gun to glue all the branches on. 
 I used silver and gold bulbs and glued them on as well.

I hung the wreath and placed my daughter's artwork in the middle.  Now the wreath acts like a frame.
This idea came to me after I hung the wreath & noticed a small nail hole right in the middle.  

( I did get the Spackle bucket out and touch up paint and fixed it)

I love how the gold halo matches the bulbs.  

I took the silver hangers out of the bulbs and glued the bulbs so the hole of the bulb is showing. 
I think this gives the bulb a lighter look with more dimension & makes the bulb look more like art than just a bulb. 

So there you have it..... a free and easy Christmas project.

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