DIY Simple Gift Container

by Julie Nichols, December 20, 2013


A Quick & Easy Container Idea

After I made all those delicious Oreo truffles I needed a pretty container to put them in.  My daughter wanted to give them as gifts for her teachers.  Knowing how thrifty I am I saved some tin cans; you know the one's soup and beans come in.  My original plan was to keep it very organic and just tie twine around the can and put some wrapping in the middle.  That plan didn't work out because the can had this stubborn glue on the outside that just wouldn't come off.  I needed to do these in a hurry because time was a ticking!!

This is my quick idea I came up with.  I used a roll of burlap to wrap around the cans. I really like how it looked so I went with it.  

This Is What I Used
Plus Tissue Paper

I placed the can on top of the burlap and rolled the burlap around the can 

Glue It (remember it still had glue on I didn't need much  

Cut Off Excess

I used the extra piece to wrap around the middle ( I wasted nothing)

I tied a scrap piece of ribbon around the middle & tied a tag to the ribbon
I put the wrapping & truffles inside the can 

This is how they all turned out

I added a tie around the paper to keep the truffles secure
and my daughter wrote on the tag & we also placed the recipe in the can

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  1. What a sweet sweet idea and thoughtful gifts! Enjoy your afternoon and the holiday fun! Hugs!

  2. What a beautiful idea for a sweet gift!!!
    I follow you through blogovin!



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