Quick fix for scratched furniture

by Julie Nichols, February 20, 2014
Happy sunny day!!
Yeah!!  Finally, the sun is out and we are having a little thaw from the fidget weather.

Today I am sharing a quick tip for fixing scratches that are caused by our pets.
Before I could get out the previous post I had to fix scratches on this chair caused by this unassuming guy.

Cats in particular love to climb

When I sit in this chair my sweet kitty wants to hang out with me and uses the arm of this chair to climb up for snuggle time.

As you can see he did quite a number on the arm

I didn't want to photograph the chair looking like this, and since I was in the middle of posting I didn't have time to paint it.

Soooo...I searched my giant toolbox and found two black makers.


Two Permanent Markers

First I used the large marker to cover all the scratches.  Then with the extra fine point sharpie, I filled in the crevices.

The camera picked up some imperfections, but with the naked eye, you can't notice them at all.

  Now I was ready to photograph the pictures for my post.

And there you have it!!
bye-bye scratches

hello pretty!

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