Sweet Mini Daffodils

April 29, 2014, in

Oh Hello There!

Spring is definitely here in New York.....and I couldn't be more excited!

The trees are bursting with green beautiful buds and flowers are at their peak.
The mini daffodil bulbs I planted last year are in full bloom. 


I clipped a few daffodils and styled them in pretty vintage glasses then I placed them on my windowsill.


I love the delicate blooms


Yellow is such a cheerful color


 that makes me smile



 Loving this pretty sunny day! 

Upcycled Gift Box Ideas

April 28, 2014,
-Hello Friends-

Today I am sharing a simple project on how to creatively reuse items from your kitchen to make a unique gift box. 

My inspiration for this project came from an ice cream container and a can of tuna fish.

I  love the packaging on this container of yummy ice cream!  

I took the label off the can of tuna (FYI .... clean the can by soaking it overnight in Clorox) 
This completely eliminates any fishy smell.

Now you have one lid and one can

The lid fits perfectly inside the can


My three simple ideas that anyone can do:

Tie tulle around the can, make a bow and glue a button on the bow.  
This would make a nice Mother's Day gift; perhaps holding a scented candle or sweet perfume

Wrap burlap around the can and tie a tag around the burlap using twine.  
This would make a great teacher appreciation gift with chocolates or cookies inside.

For a pop of color, I placed bright red numbers behind the twine.
Here is my inspiration for the numbers 

Tie a wide wired ribbon around the can and make a bow.  
This would make a great party favor with candy inside.

 I hope I inspired you to creatively reuse something in an unexpected way. 

Gray Painted Chair

April 23, 2014,

{Hi Friends} 

Hope your week is going well.  

I have been busy with furniture makeovers and paint projects.  
My recent project is this little chair I painted a beach gray. (a color I made mixing two different colors)
I love to paint furniture and mix colors to come up with a custom color or a color that I want to match.  

But sometimes things don't always go according to plan.

My plan was to paint the chair the same color as the duck eggs. 

I mixed several cans of paint and thought I had the perfect match

Until I started painting
I realized it was not working out.
After tweaking the color several times I just couldn't get it right.  So I threw in the towel and went with a different color.  I decided to mix a couple of freebie paint samples I picked up from Lowes. 
 I mixed Cathedral Stone with Muslin Wrap {Both Valspar Paints}
Which made this pretty gray

 I gave the paint a beach look by adding vinegar & water to the paint and painted over the chair again.  When that dried I sanded the chair and the edges.  

I love the way it turned out

Sometimes you just have to change your plan to come up with something even better.


April 21, 2014,

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!  

Yesterday I noticed this pretty Hyacinth in full bloom just outside my kitchen door.  I love the way they smell and thought It would add a fresh scent to my workroom that I share with my kitty.  

I placed it in a small jar and set it on my window sill

Enjoy your Monday!

Four Season Wreath

April 14, 2014,
Hi, friends hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Today I am sharing a cheerful spring wreath made with paper butterflies

I purchased this corn wreath a year ago and reuse it for each season. I either add or change something to it.  For example, in the summer it was decorated with roses and green ribbon.  In the fall it was a centerpiece for my Thanksgiving table.  In the winter I added pom poms and hung it over a painted chest.  Now that spring is here I added vibrant color butterflies in different shapes and sizes.  

I searched for a free printable and fell in love with these beauties at
What A Beautiful Mess

Look at these gorgeous colors.

I Cut the butterflies.

The turquoise butterfly is my favorite.  Can you tell?

Here is the same wreath in the fall

And winter

This is all I had to do to change the look from winter to spring

I removed the dark color pom poms and pinned the butterflies to the wreath using straight pins.  You can see where the ribbon was wrapped; faded by the sun.
 I covered that up with the butterflies.

And hung it on my workroom door.  ( for now)
So there you have it!
Simple ideas for one wreath to reuse season after season.

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