Antique Sewing Table-Part II

by Julie Nichols, April 06, 2014
Ok friends, here it is...
My reinvention of this antique sewing table that I shared with you in this post

I decided to use it as an entry table

Here it is before

I know what you're thinking.....The before looks the same as the after.

And that's because.......

  I didn't paint it... The only thing I did was style it.  It probably will get a coat of paint down the road, but for now, I like how it looks with all its dents and scratches.

I really had fun styling this little table!!

This is a great entry table because the three small compartments that once held needles and thread now makes a great place to put keys and a cell phone.

On top of the table, I placed a Campanula inside a birch basket and showed off some blue and white by placing a platter on display and using a small dish to hold a pair of eyeglasses.

The knob that once lifted the sewing machine up and down now holds a basket of Hydrangeas.
It would be a neat place to hang an umbrella too.

Instead of placing the lamp on the table I placed it on top of a stool.  Good idea if your lamp is too big for your tabletop and also if you don't want to block the reflection in your mirror.

I really love my magazines.  I hoard them as if they were made of gold.

I will be playing around with this table again; using it as a planter.

 I love taking a piece of furniture and using it in different ways then what it was intended for.
How about you?  

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