Painted Bird Cage

by Julie Nichols, April 09, 2014
Hello Friends 

Today I'm sharing a very simple project on how to change the style of a yard sale find.

How often have you walked away from an item at a yard sale because you thought it was
outdated or you didn't like the color?

An easy fix for outdated items is painting.  

I used a free sample of gray paint from Lowes.  You can see by the condition of the can it has been used on several projects.  I really stretched this freebie out.

I also used raw umber craft paint.
I used this paint on the metal bars to get rid of the pink and to make the bars look rusty.  You could use spray paint for a project like this, but I wanted to preserve and enhance the rust that was already there.

I used a foam paintbrush on the outside.
On the inside, I used the paint brushes shown in the previous picture.  I used the one with the shortest handle so it would fit inside and made it easier to manipulate my hand around.
   To get the rusty look I put a small amount of raw umber paint on a brush and brushed it on haphazardly.

An unexpected surprise!

While previewing this post I noticed I used the same colors that are in my blog design.
Did anyone catch that?

How funny is that?

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