Do you have a small chair or bench that you want to reupholster but are not sure how to?  Here is a simple tutorial for the beginner on how to reupholster small furniture. 


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                          This bench is small and will be easy to cover with a piece of different fabric.  


I selected a classic fabric in Chartreuse with a white leafy pattern. This fabric was only a $1.00 a yard at my local thrift store.  FYI...check out your local thrift stores for the fabric you might be surprised as to what you will find!    

You will need the following tools:


staple gun


measuring tape or ruler


flip over and remove the screws.
 I am covering up the old fabric so I left that intact.


Measure & Cut the new fabric (I left 3" more than the size of the cushion) 

I labeled the cushion and the bench: Top, Bottom, Right, and Left.  I did this so the holes will line up with the screws when it comes time to put the bench back on the legs. 


While I was stapling.  I noticed my kitty eyeballing me.  I know what he's thinking.."Are you making that for me"?

Pull the fabric tight and start with one staple in the middle.

Working out from the middle put one staple on the left and one on the right (pulling tight on the fabric)

Then fold the corners in making a triangle shape and staple (I used my hammer to tap in the staples that did not penetrate all the way through the fabric and bench.) Repeat this process around the entire bench.

 It should look like this when you are finished.

Flip over and screw the legs back on.  That's all there is to it!  Pat yourself on the back.  You did it!

Place under a sunny window

The minute I placed this bench in front of the window it instantly became a lookout bench for my Romeo.  Little did I know when I started this project I would be making a bird-watching perch for my cat.

"I love the fabric it matches my eyes".

So what do you think of my tiny bench with its new fabric?  I know it's not perfect, but I did it myself and it only cost a dollar.  Are you ready to reupholster your own chair or bench?
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