Antique Stainless Steel Cabinet

in , , by Julie Nichols, May 05, 2014

Hi friends 

Welcome to a new week.....

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Let me introduce you to my Free Antique stainless steel medical cabinet!

Here is a little story on how I scored this stainless steel beauty for free

It was sitting by the back door of a dental office for the longest time, missing all of the glass shelves.
One day I got up the nerve to ask about it.  I was told the dentist no longer needed the cabinet and whoever wanted it could have it for free.
Acting Quickly

I called on my husband to help me out. He loaded this heavy cabinet on his pick-up truck and drove it to our first home; a tiny two-bedroom cottage.  (We had the glass shelves custom cut at a local glass shop).

We placed it in the corner of our living room.  It looked really cute there, but I longed for it to be in a kitchen.  A few years later we purchased our current home and now it sits proudly in our dining area. 

I store a mix of white and blue plates, cups, bowls and other things on the shelves.

Here are a few pictures...go ahead and poke around.
Let me know what you think......

 I love being able to see what I have through the glass.

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