Antique Stainless Steel Cabinet

in , , by Julie Nichols, May 05, 2014

Hi friends 

Welcome to a new week.....

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Let me introduce you to my Free Antique stainless steel medical cabinet!

Here is a little story on how I scored this stainless steel beauty for free

It was sitting by the back door of a dental office for the longest time, missing all of the glass shelves.
One day I got up the nerve to ask about it.  I was told the dentist no longer needed the cabinet and whoever wanted it could have it for free.
Acting Quickly

I called on my husband to help me out. He loaded this heavy cabinet on his pick-up truck and drove it to our first home; a tiny two-bedroom cottage.  (We had the glass shelves custom cut at a local glass shop).

We placed it in the corner of our living room.  It looked really cute there, but I longed for it to be in a kitchen.  A few years later we purchased our current home and now it sits proudly in our dining area. 

I store a mix of white and blue plates, cups, bowls and other things on the shelves.

Here are a few pictures...go ahead and poke around.
Let me know what you think......

 I love being able to see what I have through the glass.

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  1. Love that story! You were in the right place at the right time - and it looks great. :-)

  2. That is awesome! And stainless steel is so in style now and has always been classic in homes. I love stacking plates the way you have, too. I enjoyed looking on each shelf. I think I need to start looking for something for my odd pieces of china. I love what you've done!

  3. Oh i love this cabinet. What a treasure, and you have it displayed so beautifully. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  4. What a gorgeous cabinet !!! Even the legs are elegantly curved - what a find of a lifetime !

  5. Oh my my my! What a gorgeous piece! Thanx for sharing it at THT.

  6. Wow! I usually don't like steel cabinets, they are so cold and have not a decent shape. But this one is absolutely gorgeous! You restored and displayed it so, so nicely! It is inspirational, indeed!

  7. this cabinet is so unique and I love that you got it for free! Awesome!! You've filled with lots of lovelies. Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

  8. Great find Julie and you can't do better than free!
    Thanks for linking up this week at Shabbilicious Friday.

  9. Well if that isn't the best reason ever to get over the dentists drill I don't know what is! I love your cabinet, it is absolutely stunning...Congrats on your find!

  10. Love your cabinet. I have an antique apothecary cabinet in my master bath. It holds towels and my pretty perfume and bubble bath bottles. Your's is much bigger though and a great score!

  11. Dear Julie,
    Should you ever grow tired of your cabinet, which is beautiful, please let me know. I have all stainless, exposed wood, and brick in my home which is very industrial and would purchase it in a heartbeat!

  12. What a great score. I love the look!

  13. GORGEOUS !!!
    Looks like something out of RH - I'd love to have this piece in my home !

  14. I hope you rewarded the Dentist for his kindness by offering him something in return.

  15. This is just too funny. I have the same exact cabinet, and I, too, got it for free. One of my clients passed it on to me. It is indeed a wonderful cabinet

  16. Wow, that was a major score!! Good for you and it looks great in your dining room.



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