Hello, How Are You?

Yes! spring is in the air and all the flowers are blooming everywhere.  The cherry blossom tree just outside our front door is in full bloom and the lilac bushes up the road are at peak. I love this time of year when I can go outside and cut fresh flowers and bring them into our home. 

I drove up the road and clipped a bunch of lilacs and placed some in a mirror window box in our tiny vestibule.  I also clipt a few branches from our cherry blossom tree and placed them in a watering can.

(Guess where he's going)

You can see the reflection of the cherry blossom tree through the window panes in the mirror.
This is definitely aromatherapy.  The fragrance is so uplifting!  It puts a smile on my face☺

I placed a seashell found on the beach in the birdcage because summer is just around the corner.

The sweet sign was made by someone I used to work with at a flower shop.

I purchased the cabinet and the mirror at the same flower shop.  Most of my paycheck was spent there buying so many pretty things.  {A girl just can't resist... you know what I mean?}

Yup that's me

And this is my Romeo who never goes outside.  He ended up inside the bush and it took me about 20 minutes trying to get him back inside the house.

Surround yourself with what you love and smile cause tomorrow is another day.....

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