Adding Color With Rhododendron's

by Julie Nichols, June 05, 2014

Hi Everyone 

Do you like Rhododendrons?

We have a large shrub that produces beautiful blooms year after year.  I clipped a small bunch about a week ago, placed them in the pretty turquoise pot below (the one with the wavy design.)  and noticed after a week they still looked fresh.  I decided to clip more and group them together.

 I used turquoise containers in various heights and placed them on the sofa table behind the sectional.

A small petunia stem placed in a glass jar with the rhododendron.

I love this close up shot.  
I had fun playing with my camera using different settings. 

A tin can, seashell & a glass Starbucks jar was added to the grouping.

Turquoise and Pink..... all eye candy and one of my favorite color combinations.

A blue and white cup in place of the seashell

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