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in , , by Julie Nichols, July 07, 2014
Hi, friends, it's officially beach season and you know what that means...time to decorate with seashells!!.  I have a large collection of seashells that I display in a large basket.  This year I decided to use them in my summer themed decorations.

The inspiration for this simple project came from the photo below.
 A picture I took of my daughter collecting seashells. 
This photograph sits on top of an old hutch that I repurposed into an entertainment center.  It has pretty brass knobs that I hang decorations on.  I had a number tag hanging on one of the knobs.  The number resembles the numbers you see on buoys.   

This is all you need to make this project:
number tag
{you can read here how I made my free number tag}

First cut a piece of twine about 12 inches.
Then thread the twine through seashells with holes and use tweezers to pull through.
When the seashells are lined up on the twine add the number tag and tie them all together.

Then hang on a knob.

I hung a shell from the basket that holds the Wii games.

I like how this small project makes a big impact for a nautical look.

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