Pretty Pink Wreath

by Julie Nichols, July 18, 2014


Hi friends here's a simple weekend project to add color to your front door.

Make a colorful summer wreath using a bouquet of silk flowers

I purchased a $5.00 bouquet of silk flowers from Walmart. 
FYI...... I use a bouquet instead of individual stems because you get more bang for your buck.
When making wreaths choose flowers that are in season.  For example, I chose flowers that you would see during the summer season.

I placed the bouquet on the table and cut each stem leaving about 3 inches.

Please do yourself a favor...... use wire cutters. 
 I used a scissor.  
I ruined the scissors and cut my fingers. Sometimes I'm stubborn about taking the time to drive to the store for the correct tools. I rather just keep plugging away until it's done.  
In this case, I wish I hadn't been so stubborn.  
After all ----this was supposed to be an easy why take time out to go to the store... right? 
(that's me thinking)

  I am putting wire cutters on my shopping list right now.

This is what you'll have after the stems are cut

Now on to the fun part....decorating the wreath and hanging it.
I used the same wreath that I used for the 4th of July.

I pushed each stem through the wreath and tied a wire burlap ribbon at the top and hung it on my door.

Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. Very pretty. I need to do that. My door is quite boring. :-)



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