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Welcome to another decorating with seashell series
          I created a decorative storage box using..... yes you guessed it 

Inspiration comes in many forms 

Mine happened to be in the form of a cardboard box 

We ordered take out food the other night and this is the box it came in. I thought if the box was sturdy enough to hold a lot of food then it would be sturdy enough to use for storage. 

AND SO.........

I used a roll of burlap with the same width as the box.  To cover the edges and give it a finished look I used leftover fabric from my no-sew curtain trim project.  You can read about that here.

First I wrapped the burlap around the box gluing each corner as I went around.  Then I did the same thing with the fabric trim.

Next, I chose 9 shells.

I glued around the rim of each shell

And placed three shells along the side of the box on top of the burlap.  

Hold firmly for a few seconds so the glue adheres to the burlap.

And there you have it; a simple way to decorate for summer using an empty take out food box.

I used it as a planter with a zinnia inside.

Anyone getting married over the summer?
 This would be a great DIY project for a rustic wedding centerpiece.

My poor zinnia needs some TLC

I think summer decorating should be simple and this box reflects just that.  I like how the print on the box shows through the burlap.  If that is not your style you can double up on the burlap or you can paint the box.

Here are some other ideas on how to use this box:

In your kitchen to store plates, towels, napkins, or bottles.  In the bathroom to store toiletries, bathroom tissue, or stack towels inside. For the office, I'm thinking it could hold printing paper or mail. How about your craft room to store fabric, ribbons, paint, papers. In your child's bedroom or playroom to corral toys or books.  
                                   I hope I inspired you to think outside the box!
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