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December 31, 2014,


How Are You On This Last Day Of 2014?

A BIG Thank you to all my friends who have stopped by throughout the year. 

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Welcome to my blog 

Always a pleasure to meet new people and make new friends.  

I picked a few of my favorite posts; one from each month of the year.  When you click on the link feel free to stay and have a look around at my other posts.  

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Sorry, no posts for November.  (Sick pretty much the whole month).
This is another favorite of mine from September 


Wishing you a Happy and Safe New Years Eve!!
See You Next Year....


I hope you're doing well and enjoying the season.

Today I'm sharing little Christmas touches to the living room.
I used blue and white in the kitchen and thought I would do the same for the living room.
I used one ginger jar and a small vase and added fresh-cut pine branches.

I had fun decorating the birdcage with red, gold, and silver balls.  

I love to use Christmas balls year after year.  They bring back lovely memories.
This ball has a picture of my 19-year-old daughter when she was 2 years old.

A jingle bell and a number tag (I love tags) hang on top of the birdcage.
This year I placed the Nativity scene front and center on top of the TV console.


Simple Christmas Vignettes

December 18, 2014, in
Hello Friends
Hope everyone is doing well and not stressing too much over the Holiday.

My topic today is:
 How to Add warmth to your home
in minutes
for Christmas
spending money.

A quick and easy way to do this; is simple:
Use what you doesn't have to be Christmas related.  I used my favorite plates and other items that I love adding pine cones and clippings from my Christmas tree.

Here are a few vignettes I put together.
Hoping to give you some last-minute inspiration.

I displayed my favorite blue and white plates on open shelves in our dining area.  

Clippings from our Christmas tree and pine cones are placed in a blue and white umbrella holder on top of a small table.  I added a rustic birdcage, a mercury glass Santa and a plate of yummy homemade caramel brownies.

A glass bowl full of sweet oranges, my grandmother's crystal lamp, and a couple of glass milk jars.
Makes it 

A Pretty Pink Christmas Cactus

And my Pretty..... Molly Girl 
She really wanted to taste one of those brownies. 

Here are a few pictures of what I have in the stainless steel cabinet.
Stacked antique white plates and delicate gold-rimmed tea cups.

I love the patina on the plates. 

On another shelf, I have a stack of cobalt blue bowls and a child's baking set in a small wicker basket.

I like to save wine bottles in striking colors and use them as vessels for flowers.  
I have two displayed in the cabinet. 
Silver bells and a ribbon are tied around my favorite bottle.

Pine cones are placed in a cheese cloche.

I hope I inspired you to add warmth to your home for Christmas without spending money.

Now hurry up and decorate!!


Hi Friends
It was love at first sight when I spotted these vintage-style letters at TJ Maxx. 
There were quite a few of them scattered along the shelves.  I first spotted the letter J for my name and thought I would hang it in my workroom.  I noticed the price was reduced to $7.00.  As I started picking through the rest of them I found the letter C for my daughter and an E for my husband. 
I decided to group them on the empty wall above my mantel. 
 This wall has been crying for artwork for a long time.  It is a large space and these letters fit perfect.

I hung the stockings under each letter.  The sequin stocking (my daughter) was purchased at Target.
My grandmother knit the navy blue and gold vintage stockings.
I  filled the empty space between the letters with small Christmas trees. Actually, the tree in the glass jar is a branch from an old tree. I simply shaped the branches to form a tree. 
The trees bring dimension to the space without having to hang anything else on the wall. 
Saving the wall from nail holes.
A small space between each item gives the mantel a light and airy look.  I used white feather string on top of the dark wood for snow and spaced red Christmas bulbs along the top to brighten it up.
 The pine cones and burlap keep it rustic and natural ( a look I really love)
I added the horseshoe for fun.

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