Decorate A Christmas Mantel With Letters

in , by Julie Nichols, December 09, 2014
Hi Friends
It was love at first sight when I spotted these vintage-style letters at TJ Maxx. 
There were quite a few of them scattered along the shelves.  I first spotted the letter J for my name and thought I would hang it in my workroom.  I noticed the price was reduced to $7.00.  As I started picking through the rest of them I found the letter C for my daughter and an E for my husband. 
I decided to group them on the empty wall above my mantel. 
 This wall has been crying for artwork for a long time.  It is a large space and these letters fit perfect.

I hung the stockings under each letter.  The sequin stocking (my daughter) was purchased at Target.
My grandmother knit the navy blue and gold vintage stockings.
I  filled the empty space between the letters with small Christmas trees. Actually, the tree in the glass jar is a branch from an old tree. I simply shaped the branches to form a tree. 
The trees bring dimension to the space without having to hang anything else on the wall. 
Saving the wall from nail holes.
A small space between each item gives the mantel a light and airy look.  I used white feather string on top of the dark wood for snow and spaced red Christmas bulbs along the top to brighten it up.
 The pine cones and burlap keep it rustic and natural ( a look I really love)
I added the horseshoe for fun.

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  1. I really like this, Julie, because it's very personalized and not a cookie cutter Christmas mantel. It's full of meaning and memories, and that makes it so special. The initials are cool, and I love the touch of red balls. A very pretty mantel. xxx ~ Nancy

  2. Thank you for posting to Motivation Monday!



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