Carved Antique Table

January 25, 2015,

Hello  There

Let me introduce you to a new addition to our furniture family. 
 I love this table, it is packed with so much character. The pretty carvings, the finial in the middle and those casters.  

Notice the pretty flowers carved into the legs.

And this feather-like detail on the sides

I found this piece in the attic of my fathers-in-law home.  We are not sure where it came from or what type of table it is.  I researched this table on the Internet and couldn't find anything like it. 

If you know what kind of table this is feel free to leave a comment......
Your comments are appreciated.

Tissue Box Frames

January 09, 2015,

{ Hi friends }

Have you ever thought of repurposing your tissue boxes?

As you know I am a huge fan of repurposing anything I can get my hands on.  

 The idea for this project came to me when I was sick with a wicked cold.
As you can see I went through quite a few tissue boxes....... 
 They became my new best friend!

I used Puffs.... because that is what I had on hand.
The bottom box is Up & Up {Target Brand}
 Each box has a different design.....
way to pretty to throw away
So I
 four adorable frames

For This Project I Used: 

Cube Tissue Boxes

Xacto knife...or something sharp...optional


Here is how you do it...

First pull apart all the sides then flatten
cut off the right side flap where it says Puffs in large letters

Flip over and pull out the plastic

Next, cut each side off now you have a frame.

                                      Find your favorite pictures and tape them to the back.  
                                                      Fold in the sides and you're done!                                                 

                                                      Our dog Molly relaxing on the beach
                                             This came with my daughters iPhone.

I clipped these pretty pictures from magazines

This was an easy project to do and a great way to repurpose your unwanted boxes into something useful and pretty.

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