Grocery List Chalkboard

by Julie Nichols, February 05, 2015

{Hi Sweet Friends}

I hope your week is going well.  We've had some nasty weather here on the coast of Long Island.  As a matter of fact, while I sit to write this blog post it is snowing just outside my window.  Even though it looks pretty I prefer to be inside warm and toasty while watching the falling snow.

I hung a rustic paddle chalkboard on a door that leads to the basement.  This door is in our kitchen.  It is a convenient way for my family to write down what they need at the grocery store.  The old way of writing things down on paper and leaving it on the kitchen counter didn't work.  It didn't work because I would end up moving the paper somewhere else or it would get lost in the shuffle of other things that land up on the counter.

I purchased this chalkboard from Decor Steals.  It came as a set of two.  One large and one small.  They look like cutting boards and I thought the large one would work well on the door.  You can check out the website here.

My daughter loves hot chocolate and reminds me to buy some when I go to the store. 

Some of these items are things I don't purchase on a weekly basis, but if I write it down when I remember (say for example during the week)  on the day I am going to the grocery store I will add those items to my paper grocery list.

 I used Command Strips to adhere the chalkboard to the door.  This way if I want to use the board somewhere else I can remove it without damaging the paint on the door.

 Right now I only have one item on the board.  I am sure by the time I go to the store it will be full of things to buy.

The chalk is conveniently kept on the ledge of the plate rack.

Hot Chocolate is perfect for snowy days!

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