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in , by Julie Nichols, February 09, 2015

{Hi Beautiful Friends Hope You Are Doing Well}   

Valentine's Day is a few days away and there is nothing like a colorful red and white banner to brighten up the dark days of winter.  

For Valentine's Day, I like to make something special for my one and only kiddo.  Last year I made a black and white banner using vintage sheet music.  This year I upcycled red and white shopping bags to make a heart banner.   

I used two shopping bags from two different stores to make this simple and whimsical heart banner. 

When I was finished I hung it in the window of my daughter's bedroom.

Any paper shopping bag will work for this project...It is quick & easy to make.
Plus it's a fun way to upcycle your unwanted shopping bags.

The first thing you need to do is dig out your bags.
 Then choose the bags you want to use.  

Can you guess which bags I chose?
I left a hint on one of the bags.

Next, you are going to carefully pull apart the bag.  Flatten it out and trace your hearts.
If you are really talented you can draw the hearts (freehand).  
Me... I'm not that talented, so I needed help with the store-bought hearts below.

I randomly placed the hearts on the bag, traced and cut them out.  It is sort of like making a collage.  Remember making those when you were a kid?  I think that's why I had so much fun making this banner.  It definitely brought out the child in me.

After the hearts for the banner are cut use a hole puncher to cut two holes on top of each heart.
Then pull the ribbon through the holes. 

I cut some letters off the bags to personalize the banner with my daughter's name. 
Oops...  I misplaced the A and the E of her name.
 It's funny when I took the picture I didn't even notice what I had done.
 I'm pretty sure I got it right on the banner.

Yes! I got it right.  It's the heart on the far left. 

The banner hanging on the bench is the one I made last year for Valentine's Day.  
You can read how I made that here.

I  made a small change and draped the vintage music banner under the red and white banner.

Are you still guessing??  

Or do you know...

Hint...... part of the store names are on the hearts.

Ok, are you ready?

Did you guess which store bags I used?

Drum Roll Please.....

If you guessed Aerie and Victoria Secret...................


Have a fun week.....

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  1. That's super creative and really cute :)

  2. This is such a neat idea and I think it's neat that you did it two years in a row. Does that make banners a tradition?



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